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Ahmadiyya “Loyalty” Campaign Proven to be Islamophobia

Finally, some statistics on loyalty of Muslims in the United States:

The Christian Science Monitor writes: Muslims are the most loyal American religious group, new poll says

Muslims are the MOST LOYAL religious groups in the United States as surveyed by Gallup.

So, now the Ahmadiyya ‘Muslims for Loyalty’ campaign spearheaded by Naseem Mahdi in US was because of:

  1.  A guess that Muslims in US were not loyal.  In this case, the Ahmadiyya should apologise.
  2.  A sinister and mischievous campaign by the Ahmadiyya.
  3.  Ahmadiyya were used by some other group or power.

This ball is in the court of the Ahmadiyya.  They should clean on this within the next few days.  We would love to see their take on this before we present our analysis, and hopefully, a discussion.

2012-02-20, PS: A survey in the United Kingdom shows very similar findings: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/belief/2011/nov/23/muslims-proud-britain

Ahmadiyya “Loyalty” Campaign Proven to be Islamophobia
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