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Alif Anaar!

Alif Anaar…!

By Iftikhar Ahmad, Germany

According to the present definition of Ahmadiyya, the voice of Khalifa is the voice of Allah [which indirectly means that if Khalifa makes a mistake then it is not his mistake, it is Allah’s mistake (Nauzbillah)]. The Khalifa of the Jama’at, a claimant of divine guidance, who also claims a following of 200 million people, ought to have responsibilities as big as Himalayan Mountains. Every moment of his life must be very precious. He would be struggling to find time even to relax from important matters like welfare, preaching, training and reforms of millions of Ahmadis. This is the perception of the followers about the Khalifa. But what is actually happening is totally the opposite.

Leaving aside the real problems of millions of Ahmadis and other important responsibilities, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the present Khalifa of Jamaat, is acting like a Primary School Teacher by teaching “Alif – Anaar, B – Bakree, Ch – Chanda” to the boys and girls [Translator’s Note: a meaningful translation of the phrase would be “A for Apple, B for Boat, C for Cat and D for Donation”]. Any schoolteacher can perform this kind of duty much better than him. Does Mirza Masroor not realize that the whole progress of Jama’at has halted ever since he took over and the preaching has also stopped?

The training (of his followers) is such that sometimes women are fighting by pulling each other’s hair trying to throw the opponent to the ground in the Jalsa, while the men are showing scenes of intense battle – as if this is not a Jalsa Salana of Masih-e-Mauood but the shooting of a Punjabi film. The prayer halls are deserted and the respective presidents of local Jama’ats are using batons to enforce Ahmadis to go to prayers. Friday sermons have also been reduced to mere jokes. Drunkard people are seen leading the Friday prayers.

Nobody can deny the fact that if the Prime Minister is incompetent then the public is destined to suffer. The helplessness of Mirza Masroor was evident during a Musha’era shown on MTA few days back when Maulvi Jalaluddin Shams, a Murabbi and Munazir of Germany, stated that he did not need any appreciation from anyone while directly looking at Mirza Masroor before reading out his poem. Mirza Masroor’s helplessness was evident on his face. Had the same words been uttered by that worthless Murabbi in front of Mirza Tahir, then nobody would have even dared to befriend with him.

Mirza Masroor has assumed the seat [gaddi] for more than a year now. However, if only his Friday sermons are analyzed then he has spent nearly one-third of his time in fingering his nose and coughing during the Friday sermons. Everyone knows that he is not inflicted with any fatal disease. However, he keeps forgetting the lines of his written speeches and by the time he manages to return to the place where he had left, he keeps pretending to cough. Instead of wasting his time in taking children’s classes, if he spends the same time learning the art of speech from a good orator then not only the whole Jama’at would be far better off but also the poor children would be much relieved of involuntarily listening to him.

In order to protect their vested financial interests, the royal family [Khandaan] made Mirza Masroor the Khalifa (it is to be remembered that this act can’t be from Allah as He cannot take such a bad decision), thereby putting enormous responsibilities on him. If he looks around to the real world by breaking his artificial security barriers around him, only then he will realize that there is plenty of real work for him to do. By planting few flowers in Rabwah he can only become a Boota Masih (i.e. a gardener) but not an actual successor of Masih. The youth of Rabwah do not need plants – they need some real work. They are wasting their adolescence by just wasting the money received in remittances from abroad. Joblessness is taking them to wrong pathways. By creating centers for lewd activities they are doing exactly whatever a degenerating nation or a movement normally does. Ahmadi youth is resorting to looting and ransacking in groups. Drug addiction is not only destroying the morality of youth but also of Ahmadi women. Gambling centers exist inside the Markaz-e-Tauheed [Center of Oneness] since long. This is all due to rampant unemployment for which you and your elders are directly responsible. You and your elders always blocked all the attempts for establishment of an industry in this unfortunate city of Rabwah so that none of the Ahmadis would ever get enough food – and if it ever happened then perhaps he will remove the yoke of slavery from his neck. This is the philosophy with which all masters have been able to successfully employ to chain their slaves for centuries.

Many years back, a resident of Chiniot city established “Shams Textile Mills” and thus created honourable job opportunities in the area, whereas, your family went away to Jehlam city to establish a chipboard factory there while opting to keep Rabwah youth under the darkness of poverty. If you had given any importance to the lives of Rabwah slaves then the residents would not have experienced a slow death due to the sub-standard medical facilities at Fazl-e-Omar Hospital. On the contrary, if you look at the volunteer work and the social services of an ex-cricketer, Imran Khan, he stands head and shoulder above you because of his noble work.

How many of young Ahmadi daughters are sitting at home, ageing and graying, whose dreams of marriage have been shattered just because of lack of funds. As per your instruction, Additional Wakeel-ul-Maal [Treasury Incharge] has announced that none of the Ahmadis is permitted to send charity money and financial assistance directly to the needy people in Qadian and Rabwah. Ordinary and simple people are unable to understand that it is imperative for the Royals to keep the public deprived, underprivileged and impoverished in order to prolong their kingdom. You are defying the Divine Commandments by stopping the aid and charity to the needy people. Nobody knows how far your lust for money will take you. For the time being, you are always crying only for Chanda, Chanda, Chanda [donation] and in the name of this Chanda, you are actually after the last clothing of your followers. You have managed to fill your own wallet by proclaiming Chanda as the way for salvation, but failed to strengthen the faith of your followers. Today, if the presidents of local Jama’ats do not draw the attention of people through regular calling, then all the worshipping places of Ahmadiyya would become completely deserted. Claimants of true Islam have failed to invoke any true feelings for Namaz [Prayer, Salaat] in the hearts of their followers. If one doesn’t trust this statement then he can himself survey the prayer halls, and he would come to know that only the rents are being paid for these prayer halls. The present situation is making it absolutely clear that you are not a Divinely appointed Khalifa from Allah, but you are, instead, just a Gaddi Nasheen or a Sajjada Nasheen [hereditary successor, or ancestral successor] for those followers who believe in Peeri-Mureedi system. It is just enough to be a member of the family of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani in order to be a Gaddi Nasheen (Khalifa). May Allah show His mercy on this kind of Jama’at. Amen.
People are just confined to the corners of the well
From where the hope for a change would come in this circle

Iftikhar Ahmad, Germany

Translated by: Straitforward

Alif Anaar!
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Yousaf Ahmed

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Let there be light
Let there be light
Who can be better in lies and curses than self-proclaimed messiah MGA? One of his biggest prophecies was his supposed marriage in heaven with Muhammadi Begum that never materialized. This must have increased his frustration and made him go crazy in the end.
Erfan Ahmad
Erfan Ahmad
????????? ??????? ????? ?????????????

Curse of Allah on those who lie.

Let it go
Let it go
How can voice of so called khalifa be voice of Allah s.w.t. when he is being fed by their murabbis or missionaries on what to say and what not?
Nice work big brother!!!
Destruction of any belief system which is in conflict with the Divine Laws and the Holy Quran is inevitable.
Ahmadiyyat and all of its components are a prime example: they are on course for self destruction.
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