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Ansar Raza’s confession or denial

In an email discussion, Ansar Raza showed his true colour and used shameful language for one of the people in that group. Out came within the topic the matter of “illegitimate” or “illegitimate” birth of Ansar Raza. Ahmedi.org team bounded by its manners, gave a hint about our knowledge about his birth and life. Ansar’s reply was somewhat surprising and rather astonishing.

After hearing about our knowledge of his illegitimate birth, he started clarifying that we are wrong and he looks exactly like the person his mother married. Even his family mates have agreed to that. Question arises that if this is a false statement, he could have just said it’s false. He started out giving proofs and even said that he has confirmed about this with his family and he’s not the guy who other people are talking about.

Why couldn’t Jamat-e-Ahmadiyya find any other person instead of him, whose legitimacy is unconfirmed and is at the forefront of all challenges and foul language. I remember having a debate once about the word “Zaneem”, my point was that it means an immoral person but Ahmadis said no it means “illegitimate”, I agree with them, I does mean that.


On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 5:02 PM, Mohammad Malik wrote:

Anser Saheb,


The way you wrote to Mr Irshad Ansari is rude, abusive and extremely impolite. Â Ansari Saheb, as far as I know, never used vulgar language in his writings. Â It will be very satisfying if you could write to Ansari Saheb and apologize. Â He deserved to be treated respectably, he has earned it.I personally have no animosity with you or any other member of Ahmedi Jama’atmost of whom are civilized and educated.


Zaki malik

On 27 Mar 2013, at 21:08, Ansar Raza wrote:

Zaki Malik Sahib

Thanks for your advice and I am ready to apologize if Irshad Ansari apologize for all those filthy, disrespectful and abusive words he used for the one I believe as a Prophet of God, i.e., Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him). Not only he but all of “his master’s voice” people have been using such language against the Promised Messiah (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him). I was just paying back in the same coin and I am allowed to do that by Quran (4:149).

On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 6:12 PM, Mohammad Malik wrote:

Ansar Raza Saheb,

When I was young, I met one of Jama’at e Ahmedia’s preacher (muballigh)in Naran (Kaghan) and was greatly impressed by his civility. He was accompanied by a lawyer and a dentist from Mandi Bahauddin. All three of them left a deep and everlasting impression on my mind. Then later in life I met with many other Ahmedi’s and every time, the earlier impression was further strengthened. I do not agree with my brothers who use abusive language about the leaders Ahmedi Jama’at. Like I could not convince you not to be abusive, I also could not convince the other group either.No one wants to take higher moral ground. I would like to end here, it is futile.

Reds Zaki Malik

From: Ansar Raza

Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 18:16:06 -0400

Zaki Sahib your problem is that you consider ‘civility’ as a high moral principle which is indeed a true fact but at certain times you have to retort as allowed by Quran and I quoted 4:149 which you simply ignored. I do radio program every Sunday and many non-Ahmadi Muslims praise me for my restraint and politeness. But when it comes to abusive language against my prophet I retort and pay back in the same coin.

From: Ahmedi Org team

Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2013 9:17 AM

(Dear group mates, we agree with Mr. Zaki that the kind of language Ansar Raza has used against Mr. Ansari is condemnable. Along that we should clarify that Islam doesn’t allow this that if somebody does bad to you, you reply with something bad as well. Hazrat Muhammad SAW brought the grace of his conduct in front of the whole world and his believers stood by him and tolerated the misconduct against Him SAW. …whoever calls Mr. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed with a bad name is actually denying teachings of Islam…but Today the saddening part is that claimant of true heirs of Islam using disgraceful language and produce reasons from Quran are actually a disgrace to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Specially Mr. Ansar Raza, who in even normal language uses a disgracefull language towards Muslims which is condemnable. This actually proves his illegitimate birth, our hands are bounded otherwise we could have provided each and every single detail from his birth upto the time of teaching arabic in Jamia Ahmadiya. but being content with that, “o accidental child” keep some shame of this saying of Mirza Sahib, “after being truthful keep low like a liar” and dont forget the saying of Mirza Mahmood Sahib “pray, give ease if you are hurted”. If A.K Shaikh sahib wouldn’t have stopped us from such things we could have given such an answer to Ansar Raza that even his soul would be ashamed.)

From: Ansar Raza

Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 12:19:59 -0400

(I am not bounded to answer that I am an “accidental” child or legitimate child of my parents. This shows the filth of inner side of my enemies and by the grace of Allah I am now standing in the line of those elders whose enemies hold them under the scrutiny of such lies which have no proof because they have no answer to our reasons. For me this answer is enough that my facial features are like my father and different people (which includes people inside my family and outside) have blatantly accepted that I have exact same face of the person whom my mother has married and I was born two years after that. Whoever invented this lie, may he be cursed and whoever has taken these lies, may they suffer the wrath in this life and hereafter. May the liars be cursed. )

Ansar Raza’s confession or denial
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Yousaf Ahmed

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Mashallah you are doing a great service to expose the false and misleading teachings of Ahmadiyyat in the name of true Islam, but please refrain from using harsh language such as calling your own fellow muslims as extremists etc. This is not the way of RasulAllah s.a.w.s. If anyone differs from us in opinion we should say we do not agree but never say that so and so is extremist or terrorist etc. You have knowledge and education of Ahmadiyyat by being inside and you can do a great service to Ahmadies to guide them to Islam.
Nasir Ahmad
Nasir Ahmad
If someone says Mr.Yousaf or Mr.Shaikh or any member of this anti-Ahmadyya mafia(“Ahmadi.org”)is “Haraami-Walld”…!!!what should be reaction of that member,belong to this fulthy “Mafia”…….
N.Ahmad Toronto

Ansar Raza is obsessed with anyone raising doubts on MGA’s character and teachings, but ignores how MGA insulted and ridiculed others in his statements and teachings. If Ansar Raza has open mind, and thinks outside the box he will immediately realize that MGA would never qualify as a Prophet, Messiah or a Mahdi, leave alone what Islam or Muslims have to say about coming of a Prophet, Messiah or Mahdi. As far as Ansar Raza’s own birth is concerned it is his own personal matter and if he chooses not to answer it is own on secret. However, to impose… Read more »

Quaid Ka Pakistan
Quaid Ka Pakistan
to Rationalist

you should come out revel out youer idinity basheer shah.

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