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Bashing the Case: Mirza G.A.Q Sahib vs Pigott & Alexander Dowie

This research works just like a mathematics formula, to prove Mirza G.A.Q sahib wrong in his prophecies for Pigott we will take  the case of Dowie. Because the prophecy was ALMOST same for both of them, we can prove one with the other. Eg, if a=b, b=c means a=c.

We will go through a thorough study of Mirza sahib vs. Pigott and Dowie. The reason is because the prophecy for both of them never got fulfilled and innocent Ahmadis have been kept under lies upon lies that both the prophecies were fulfilled, which in reality is completely opposite. Part1 will discuss Dr. Dowie, his death and Part2 will discuss Pigott, his death. Both part contains what the original sources say and what jama’at has told it’s followers.

Part 1:

Alexander Dowie:

 In 1896 Dowie rejects being Apostolic:


In 1896, when one of his associates suggested he was a modern apostle,

Dowie replied –

I say to you from my heart, I do not think that I have reached a deep enough depth of true humility; I do not think that I have reached a deep enough depth of true abasement and self-effacement, for the high office of an apostle … In becoming an apostle, it is not a question of rising high, it is a question of becoming low enough”


Dowie claims to be Prophet Elijah in 1903:




M.J.Mintern, `Fifty Years Nearer the Rapture’ in Leaves of Healing, October,

1951, p.74. In a Christmas sermon in December 1903, in Shiloh Tabernacle,

Zion, Dowie was reported as saying, `Within 100 years Christ will return again to this very spot to reign for ten centuries. I, whom you know to be the prophet Elijah, will come back with Him, and that is why I have made all leases in Zion City run for 1,100 years……………..…..All Zion knew I was a prophet before I announced it and I had hard work keeping them from exploiting the fact before I was ready.’

 See the Chicago Record-Herald, 26 December 1903




Accepting being Prophet but later an Apostle, references in the PDF:


Yet in 1901, Dowie declared that he was Elijah the Restorer and in 1904 that he was the First Apostle of the Lord Jesus the Christ in the CatholicApostolic Church in Zion




Dowie steps down and Claims to be the first apostle only in 1904:

(This information is not in Qadiani books)


(1)   Declaration of First Apostle … 

The Zion Banner: Tuesday, September 20, 1904. Edited and Published by The REV. John Alexander Dowie

“God was ready with His man, who was to be the First Apostle…..” Dowie


End of Dowie:


“What Did USA Newspapers Say About Alexander Dowie? The Sunday Herald, Boston, June 23, 1907 wrote, “Great is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad the Messiah Foretold Pathetic End of Dowie.” (April 2009 eGazette)

Direct Link: http://www.alislam.org/eg…tte/april-2009-egazette/



Mirza Sahib gets a surprise of Dowie’s death and claims that it was his prophecy, although Dowie never accepted it which was mandatory for the fulfillment. The only way to be freed from curse was to step down from their original, in Dowie’s case “Prophet Elijah”.


Jam’at-e-Ahmadiyyah never told it’s followers the original prophecy regarding Dowie, also never told innocent followers that Dowie changed his stance from calling himself a “prophet” to just “first apostle of Jesus Christ”. In this case, the curse couldn’t have taken place, but Mirza Sahib boasted off saying it’s the fulfillment of prophecy and Jama’at has tried to hid the fact.



Part 2:



?a?rat A?mad’s attention was on Rev. John Hugh Smyth-Pigott who lived in Britain. As a matter of fact, he had “inherited” the messiahship in 1899 by succeeding Henry James Prince (1811-99)–a doctor and an Anglican clergyman who had claimed to be the immortal Holy Ghost in flesh. Rev. Prince was the founding father of the Agapemonite sect within Christianity. …………In 1902, Rev. Smyth-Pigott claimed to be the Messiah–Jesus incarnate–”God, not man.” When the news reached ?a?rat A?mad (peace be on him), he took notice of his deceitful claims and said that similar false claimants had emerged at the time of the Messenger of All?h (may peace and blessings be on him) but were quickly annihilated. He predicted that the same would be the case of Rev. Smyth- Pigott. A revelation “All?h is severe in punishing!” (in Arabic: annall?ha shad?dul-‘iq?b) was made public to be applicable on Smyth-Pigott (Al-Badr, February 20, 1903).


(Also, predicted death of Dr. Dowie upon accepting the challenge only)

On August 23, 1903, ?a?rat A?mad (peace be on him) issued another notice expressing his heartfelt pain that even in this age false claimants were emerging among the followers of Jesus Christ. For this abhorrent situation, he blamed the Christian dogma of the Divinity of Jesus. Dowie had claimed to be Elijah in America, and Smyth-Pigott had become Jesus the God in London! ?a?rat A?mad said that the difference between the two was that Dowie did not dare to call himself Jesus, but Smyth-Pigott was viciously bold to announce his Godhead. Soon after, the prophecy concerning him started to unfold, bringing him to manifest disgrace!

Smyth-Pigott was married to a lady named Catherine ………But Smyth-Pigott persisted in his arrogance and announced: ‘I am God. It does not matter what they do.’ ….. gates of the Love of Abode. Once, the mob mistook one male member for Smyth-Pigott and he was brutally beaten up and tortured to death. Smyth-Pigott’s notoriety was widely publicized by the press and thus he was put to shame in the eyes of the entire world in the lifetime of the Promised Messiah, ?a?rat A?mad (peace be on him). Later, his health and prosperity also began to dwindle and eventually ‘the immortal God’ died in March 1927. …..




MGAQ’s challenge to Piggot, Pigott will die in my life time:


“J.H. Smyth Pigott, Pastor of… London, has recently announced himself as God… on the 7thand 14th of September 1902… God has, therefore, commanded me to warn him… I, therefore, warn him through this notice that if he does not repent of this irreverent claim, he shall be soon annihilated, even in my life-time… God has borne witness to my truth with heavenly signs shown in thousands… The death of Mr. Pigott within my life-time shall be another sign of my truth. If I die before Mr. Pigott, I am not the true Messiah nor am I from God… God shall bring the false Messiah to destruction within the life-time of the true one… 24th November 1902.” (A Warning To A Pretender To Divinity)


Direct Link: http://wiki.qern.org/mirza-ghulam-ahmad/publications/a-warning-to-a-pretender-to-divinity



This is what jama’at never tried to tell his people, no where in any book of jama’at it says that Mirza Sahib said the liar will die in other’s lifetime. The question is why is Qadiani leader trying to hide this.


Mirza Sahib dies in 1908:

In particular note the fact that he said “If I die before Mr. Pigott, I am not the true Messiah nor am I from God”. Below is verification of the date Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died.


“…died at Lahore on May 26th 1908” (Tadhkirah 2006 Version – Page 5)

Direct Link: http://www.alislam.org/library/books/Tadhkirah.pdf



But Pigott dies in 1927:

“After Smyth-Pigott died in 1927, the community went into gradual decline…” (The Telegraph – The Chapel Of Unrest)

Direct Link:http://www.telegraph.co.u…he-chapel-of-unrest.html



But Mirza Sahib also said that Piggot will not repent:


“The Promised Messiah prayed about Piggott (a Priest of London who had claimed to be God) and saw in a dream some books on which was written three times: Holy, Holy, Holy; and then received a revelation (Arabic): Allah is Severe in retribution. They are not acting righteously. The Promised Messiah explained this as meaning that Piggott was in a bad way and would not repent and would not believe in God. There is also the indication that his claiming to be God is an evil thing and that he will be afflicted with God’s chastisement. It is a very daring thing to claim to be God (Badr Vol. I Nos. 5 and 6, Nov.8 and Dec. 5, 1902 p. 4).” (Tadhkirah 2006 Version – Page 531)



Another turn, Qadiani Jama’at claimed that because Pigott repented and changed his stance that’s why he survived and lived up till 1927 but never publicly claimed that he had stepped down. But this is the same case with Dowie, he never did that also, why did he die?

Fact is that Jama’at’s own published material deny this, he never repented until the end of his life:

“…the Church of England took stern action against him, and he was defrocked and thus utterly humiliated. But Smyth-Pigott persisted in his arrogance and announced: ‘I am God. It does not matter what they do.’” (Approaching The West – Page 16)

Direct Link: http://www.alislam.org/li…_the_West-20080817MN.pdf


Clearly, shows he never repented.


Summary and Conclusion:

1. When Piggot changed his stance from God to being Messiah, Ahmadis say he repented that’s why he survived the curse, which is of course a lie. Although, MGAQ said he will never repent. But died a shameful death in 1927, which jama’at says is fulfillment Mirza Sahib’s prophecy. References, prove that Pigott never repented. But later sources and research, obviously not in Qadiani books, proves that Mirza sahib said the liar will die in others lifetime.


  • a.     Piggot did not repent (Qadiani references), whereas Qadiani Jama’at’s stance in 2011 is that he survived because he repented.
  • b.    Liar will die in others lifetime, Mirza Sahib’s prophecy. (references provided)
  • c.     Mirza Sahib dies in 1908.



2. When Dowie changed his stance to being first Apostle, Ahmadis say he died according to MGAQ’s curse. Although, he never accepted the challenge which was mandatory for God’s punishment to take place.


  • a.     Dowie repents in 1904, starts calling himself apostle instead of prophet but never accepts the challenge publicly, which was mandatory for punishment to take place(references provided).
  • b.    But Dowie dies in 1907 and Mirza Sahib claims that it’s the fulfilment of his prophecy.

Question to Ahmadis:


If Pigott survives the curse of immediate death after repenting (which he never did), why doesn’t Dowie survive the same curse after repenting? Dowie dies after repenting and Pigott survives after repenting? Why the person who was supposed to die in his lifetime did not and the one who was not supposed to die actually died? Why doesn’t Jama’at tells it’s followers that Dowie never accepted the challenge and why didn’t Pigott die?

Jama’at has been trying to lie to its people and hide facts about Pigott’s and Dowie’s death, but inshaAllah truth will prevail. No matter how hard they try now these facts have made it to the internet.

Prophecies regarding Dowie and Pigott completely went wrong but jama’at cover ups will no longer be a problem for ones who are looking for truth.

Bashing the Case: Mirza G.A.Q Sahib vs Pigott & Alexander Dowie
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