Bay’t and Population Fraud

Until 2003 when Mirza Tahir period ends, jama’at claimed to have 200 million people and in the same year in another country they claimed to have 220 million. Their website claims to have tens of million. A pamphlet issued in 2009 during mirza masroor’s rule gave out astonishing figures “80 million”.  What happened to 120 million? Left Jama’at or were never there.…ul-propagation-of-islam/ (saying 80 million in 17th August 2009) (saying 70 million in 2008) (saying  200 million in July 7, 2005) (saying 220 million in 2008 in Srilanka)

Hazrat Mirza T. Ahmad, head of the 10 million-strong Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, (10 million in Jul 1991 by Toronto Star)

The real figure,


There are not more than 4 or 5 million Ahmadis worldwide.


Here are some topics for in depth analysis of this fraud:


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  1. Ahmadiyya is a cruel system and big fraud. I seek refuge from Allah s.w.t. (God almighty) for protection.

    You are doing a great job of educating the masses, I am sure their evil intentions must be on you as well, so I also pray to Allah s.w.t for your protection as well.

    1. Amiin to your du’aa and it remind me of Iqbal’s verse:

      aain-e-javaan mardaan, haq goi-o-baybaaqi
      Allah k sheroN ko aati nahiN hay rubahi

      (constitution of brave men, out spoken and truthfulness
      Lions of Allah don’t know any fear)

      We are in this together!!!

  2. Jamaat Ahmadiyya is growing day and night. I see fruits of it. Alhumdulillah.

    I would love to relieve of your ignorance right now, but soon you shall come to know yourself.

    1. I don’t know why does every Ahmadi has the same opinion. How do you get the criteria that if a cult is growing they are truthful?
      That means Bahais are more truthful than you, Raelians, Word of Faith, Mormonism, Scientology and Unification church are all true.

      InshaAllah One day we will all be gathered and we will be told the reality.

    2. I know why you say that jamaat is growing. Even if it is growing we are not at all worried about it……..for I we are confident in Allah s.w.t plan. Allah s.w.t told us that eventually truth will prevail over falsehood. I pray to almighty Allah s.w.t to make his deen of true Islam prevail over falsehood of Ahmadiyyat. What we are worried is so many people may loose their hereafter by falling trap to this cult, therefore, it is our duty to convey the truth otherwise we may be held accountable for not passing the message.

      It is the sunnat of Allah s.w.t that he makes the liar speak through his own mouth and this is exactly what happened to Mirza sahib and he died a disgraceful death after invoking the curse of Allah s.w.t on the liar (debate with M Sanaullah Amritsari)

    3. @ anonymous

      Christianity is still growing,….100 years after the “Yus Asaph” theory”.

      What does that tell you?

  3. Respected shaikh sahib,
    I was an ahmadi by birth. I appreciate all of you who did the research on ahmadiyya cult and brought the true information to my knowledge.Now I am going to question my family members and other ahmadies about this population fraud.And I will definitely tell them about this useful website.
    Please keep up the good job.InshaAllah your efforts will lead this cult to an end very soon.

    1. Where there’s a will there’s a way my brother. Alhamdulillah, welcome to the freedom and remember us in your prayers. Spread the light as much as you can.

    2. Dear Usman,

      Allah has blessed you through guidance. This is a great reward. Remember not everyone gets it. The Son of Noah a.s. did not get guidance even though he tried his best. So this is the situation with a lot of Ahmadis. Unfortunately, the British colonial system in India at that time succeeded in creating a division among Muslims by planting Mirza Sahib as the reformer or mujadid and take away people from the true Islam. Mirza family has run this business for more than a 100 years under their protection and they call this a success. What they don’t realize is that they have to answer to Allah s.w.t on the day of judgement and they will not seek the help of his most beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. for Mirza Ghulam has betrayed him. He pretended he was his ghulam (servant) but in essence he betrayed his sunnat and served his masters only. As long as you realize this you will not fall in this trap even though they may offer you asylum, money, property, marriage……..etc.

    3. @ muhammad

      Be advised….Ahmadis have been lying about their population since 1896. This is not a new tactic…they inflate their numbers to get more money out of the masses of Ahmadis.

  4. Its a good research and i have heard many qadianies in private discussion , saying that this bait system of mirza tahir was a fraud. One qadiani from Khanewal told me that in his life of 40 years, he only heard one case of convertion from Islam and that too was for the pupose of getting hand of a qadiani girl.

  5. I have heard from reliable sources that Qadiynais try to trap innocent muslims who either weak in their faith or ignorant of this fitna. So my suggestions to all muslim brothers and sisters is to be on guard for they prey on innocent and gullible persons. As you can see they have trapped some people from the subcontinent by creating false cases of persecution and providing asylum in foreign countries.

  6. I have heard this from many qadianis that we were growing very year and i started asking them, could they rememeber any one who has converted . The response from Khanewal official was that he knew one person who submitted bayt form for getting married to a qadiani and same one response i got from Multan. both of these qadiani officials were more than 50 years old. these are just lies. This was just a side discussion, I just focus on character of MGA, who twisted versus of Quran, was a lier. abuser to , Prophets, Muslims and Hindus. Regards

    Ahmadis can blame Mirza Ghulam and his successors for all their problems. Mirza declared all Muslims kafir and children of prostitutes for not believing in him. Mirza Mahmud declared they cannot pray behind Muslims. Ahmadis can be expelled for marrying Muslims. Mirza was the cause of further split into Lahori, Qadiani and many other groups. Mirza introduced several conflicting beliefs and called them teachings of Islam. Example, Maseeh Mauood etc. Mirza violated one of the core belief of Islam i.e finality of Prophets by falsely claiming himself to be a prophet. Mirza insulted and ridiculed several prophets of Allah s.w.t and committed shirk with Allah s.w.t.

    The clear answer is NO. So they are rightly declared as non-Muslims. However, one has to be very careful in talking about their rights. Can they preach their religion as ISLAM in a Muslim Country such as Pakistan. Again the answer is NO. Because by giving them freedom to preach their religion this is what they will do. If they were preaching their religion as something other than Islam then no problem, but by calling themselves non-muslims they have to abide by this and cannot preach their religion as Islam. This is the catch here. On one hand they donot follow the true teachings of Islam and on the other hand they want to be recognized as Muslims and want freedom to preach.

    It is their right to believe in their prophet but it is important that once you believe in a new prophet then you have a new religion and thus you are not Muslims anymore. Muslims are followers of Islam as revealed to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s and not to any other person.

  8. Well, I challenge all Qadianies that if they think they are on “Sirat E Mustaqeem” then they can have a MUBAHILA with me. It is an open challenge to Mirza Masroor Ahmad and All Qadianies. May Allah Curse you people

  9. One simple challenge for Qadianies. Show us a single statement of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s where Mirza Ghulam was foretold as the Promised Messiah? If you cannot find, then admit that all references were made to Hazrat Isa a.s and not a single to Mirza Ghulam of Qadian.

  10. @ Yasir Nasir: And who are you?

    By the way, wordings of mubahila are “May the curse of Allah be on the liars” not curse on you. A person who does not even know the mubahila criterion cannot be involved in mubahila. Allah has given you a Holy Book, Read it, understand it, and try to implement it on your life. Why waste time with Ahmadis (qadianis)?

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