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Canadian Ahmadiyya Money-grubbers Twist Eid

Please take a look at how this money-grubbing cult (the Ahmadiyya) twists the meaning of a ritual sacrifice and an event that has been there for centuries.  This attempt is so blatant that we thought we should share it with you:

Re:      Sacrifice of Animal at the Occasion of Eidul Adhiya in Central and South America

Please immediately donate for QURBANI on Jama`at receipts at the rate of $150 per animal, befor Nov 4th

Insha`Allah! Eidul Adhiya will be celebrated in Canada on November 6, 2011. On this blessed occasion, following the tradition of Hadhrat Ibrahim (as), members of the Jama`at offer sacrifice of animals. 
Due to various reasons, many members of Jama`at prefer to offer their sacrifice of animals in Qadian or Rabwah instead of Canada.  The Jama`at over there arranges for the sacrifice and distribution of meat amongst poor on their behalf. 

As you may already know that by the grace of Allah, now in Central and South America, under the supervision of Jama`at Canada, Mission Houses have been established in Jamaica, Ecuador and Bolivia. In order to educate the members of these Jama`ats about the tradition of sacrifice, arrangements have been made for the sacrifice of animals at the occasion of Eidul Adhiya in those countries. 

Those members of Jama`at who may like to offer their sacrifice in the above mentioned countries, should immediately donate on Jama`at receipts at the rate of $150 per animal so that the sacrifice of animals may be arranged on their behalf. 

May Allah accept our sacrifices and make this Eid a source of blessing for all of us! Ameen!

Can the Ahmadiyya in Canada show whether any animals were sacrificed in these countries? Who sacrificed them, and where were the proceeds distributed? Why would they not put up images of the ceremony? If not, it would appear that even Ahmadis don’t trust their leadership any more — and know that they would twist anything to get their hands on money.

And now, the mention of ‘receipts’ is included with every such appeal to give a false sense of transparency and accountability.

Canadian Ahmadiyya Money-grubbers Twist Eid
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