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Curious case of Baba Nanak

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed has held a belief and preached as well that Baba Guru Nanak was a muslim. Mirza sahib said that he used to get Quranic revelations and he had this chola with Arabic inscriptions. Rk. Vol.10 pg. 157

But what Mirza sahib failed to do was go through his writings and belief. Sikhs completely deny that Guru Nanak had any influence whatsoever of Muhammad SAW or Islam.


Let’s have a look at some of the revelations of Gurmat:

Gurmat is the Law of Sikh religion given to them by Guru Nanak.

Was muhammad prophet?

Muhammad was not last Prophet sent by God, Many Muhammads had been on the earth. They were born and then died in their own times. 27.). God send many persons to earth for mission of spreading truth. There is no limit of sending paigambars


Is Muhammad God?

Muhammad was Not God still he was god sent person and he ruled Arabia. , Then I created Muhammed, who was made the master of Arabia.26.)


Was Muhammad able to spread God’s message?(Careful on this point)

No doubt he spread God’s message, but he started his own ritualistic practices. He started his own religion in which he kept circumcised people.(Circumcision is rejected acc. to Gurmat)(, He started a religion and circumcised all the kings.). He gave his own name(La ilaha illa Allah(< OK but >), Muhammad rasool Allah) and said people to recite it, Guru Gobind Singh said   He caused all to utter his name and did not give True Name of the Lord with firmness to anyone.27.). In Gurbani thats why it is written TURKU KANA because they can see allah still they have few wrong practices But if muslim also move on path of wisdom then these rituals will keep no significance for him.



Guru Nanak says that Muhammad SAW is being accused of starting his own ritualistic practices and he misled people to recite his name with Allah’s name. Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmed thought that this was OK and accepted Guru Nanak to be a muslim just because he wore a chola from Arabic inscriptions?


At another place, regarding his trip to Makkah:

At Mecca, Guru Nanak was found sleeping with his feet towards the Kaaba Kazi Rukan-ud-din, who observed this, angrily objected. Guru Nanak replied to turn his feet in a direction in which God or the House of God is not. The Kazi understood that the meaning of what the Guru was saying was “God is everywhere” The Kazi was struck with wonder.


So Kazi rukan-ud-din remained a muslim after watching this miracle? No one converted to Sikhism? No body even knows whether he ever went to Makkah or not.

But in sight of Guru Nanak, the meaning of Makkah is somewhat different.

Meaning of Mecca in Gurmat

Gurmat defined Mecca, Haaji and Kaaba in way of spirituality. Haaji is one who Purifies his own heart, Mecca is Mind of person which need to be turned(i.e one become Gurmukh from Manmukh). Kaaba is heart(not physical) which is present in between person, if mind turns toward heart and compassion arisis automatically means one have gone to hajj. No worldly Hajj is required. Kabir also denigrates worldly Hajj that it’s no use of Hajj. Nanak choice of Hajj was a Mission which was given to him by Allah Subhanawtalah



A person who would accuse the greatest/last of all prophets to have started his own ritual religion, considers visiting physical Makkah to be useless Mirza Ghulam Ahmed considers him a muslim? This is hence proved that Guru Nanak was not a muslim and Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was wrong in his hypothesis.


For thorough study and references:


Curious case of Baba Nanak
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Yousaf Ahmed

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Muhammad Tariq Shah
Muhammad Tariq Shah
This is the wrong approach. Baba Guru Nanak was a Muslim. He could have some corrupted beliefs like so many Muslims have, but his belief in Allah and RasoolAllah (SAW) [although a bit debatable in the latter] is the requirement that is fulfilled. Moreso, our approach should be to include and train Sikh brothers in Orthodox Islam instead of declaring them heretic and Kafir. Takfir is a very weak approach.
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