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Debate: Sunni & Ahmadis, brother in faith?

This debate took place in Vaughan city of Canada between Sunni scholars and Ahmadi missionary (Ansar Raza). Here are the video links:



Debate: Sunni & Ahmadis, brother in faith?
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Yousaf Ahmed

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I have never come across a group who are such big liars and hypocrites as the so called ‘Ahmadis.’ They have no shame in lying in media, in debates, in person and wherever they can. They do everything to hurt Islam and Muslims and yet want to consider them as brothers. Who are they fooling………….?????? They have a personal vendetta against Pakistan since they were rightly declared as non-Muslims because of their heretic beliefs. Now they are trying to expand their operation by shedding crocodile tears in the media and claiming to be champions of freedom for so called persecution… Read more »
Mullah Ansar Raza and Mubarak Nazir behaved like hypocrites while Sadat Anwar Sahib raised some very valid points to which they had no answer.
Ansar Raza simply avoided direct questions related to Mirza quotes. It clearly showed the duplicity of Ahmedis. They would never discuss the character of their false nabi. It is like buy my goods but don’t talk about my CEO. Anwar Sadat clearly won the debate.
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