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Family background of Mirza Sahib

A little glimpse at claims of MGAQs regarding his background and lineage. He refers himself of being from Turks, Persians, Mughals and Chinese. Only God knows what the reality is but Qur’an has a name for this kind of person.

“from my paternal ancestry I am mughal but some of my grandmothers were saadaat”
At another place he says:
“it means that Turk blood would have mixed in our family, with regards to the city its Mughal family…….God said although this family is pure PERSIAN but this is authenticated and famous that my maternal mothers grand mothers were from Mughal family and they were pure Chinese meaning residents of China“.
but he also says:
“From these statements of God it is proven that the family of this humble is Persian not Mughal”
Finally, definition of word Zaneem from Ahmadi tafseer
“The word “Zaneem” in Qur’an means a person who is not from a nation but refers himself with them.”

Family background of Mirza Sahib
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Yousaf Ahmed

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One more lie of MGAQ is that he claimed he is the shadow of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. nauzobillah. He claimed that he is reborn again as the Holy Prophet s.a.w.s. This is another trick he played. The Holy Quran clearly states Muhammad s.a.w.s is not the father of any Sons. All his sons passed away and Mirza had several sons. So once again MGAQ is caught pants down. He was the worst of liars. There are people who tell lies, the worst are those who tell lies in the name of Allah s.w.t. that he is Prophet/Messiah/ Mahdi ……….Khrishna, etc.… Read more »
Proof for Ahmadis about false teachings of Ahmadiyya Jamaat which is a cult leading to Jahannum: Point 1: Ahmadiyya Jamaat claims MGAQ is the same Messiah as promised by Holy Prophet SAWS. With Turkish/Persian/Mughal/Chinese ancestory as stated by MGAQ himself how can he be that Promised Messiah? Promised Messiah was Hazrat Isa Ibn-E-Maryam, not MGA ibn-e-Chirag Bibi. Point 2: MGAQ further claimed that he is Imam Mahdi. Imam Mahdi and Messiah are two different persons according to true teachings of Islam There are several other false claims made by MGAQ, as a result of which Ahmadis today are totally confused… Read more »
We also have a name for this kind of person “mentally challenged.” Point worth noting is MGAQ had no clue of his ancestors.
Also what’s up with their obsession for Prophet Muhammad (saw)? Did you hear about this seminar about Prophet Muhammad (saw)?
@Abdullah, Ahmadiyyat is a fitna directly aimed at distorting the true teachings of Islam and Muhammad (saws) It is a subversive operation. They camouflage it in the name of real Islam. It basically leads one to KUFR by not following the true Deen of ALLAH s.w.t. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad elevated himself to the ranks of Prophets/Messiah/Mahdi all in one. He proclaimed he was better than Hazrat Isa (as) and Holy Prophet (saws) nauzubillah. He left no stone unturned in his derogatory attacks against the pesonality of Hazrat Isa (a.s) and his entire family including his pious mother only to elevate… Read more »
Only Allah knows best. All i can say is that such events should be held all over the world in retaliation to the propaganda of the world. If they are hypocrites then they are doing a damn good job.
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