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Guns aimed at Isa AS – part 2

Everytime you present curses of mirza Sahib for Isa AS, Ahmadis get away saying that he was quoting jews. Well, unfortunately that was his own belief.

The righteousness of the Massiah cannot be proved to be greater than that of other righteous persons of his time. The Prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) is rather better than him in one respect.He did not drink wine, and it is never heard that any prostitute anointed his hair with precious oil that she purchased with her Income, and touched his body with her hands or hair, or any young unrelated woman remained in his service.That’s why in the Qur’an God gave to Yahya (John the Baptist) the name “Hasur”, but did not give this name to the Messiah because such stories did not permit to give this name to him (‘Isaas). And then, Hadrat ‘Isa (as) made remission of his sins through baptism administered by Yahya – who is called John by Christians and who was later made to be Elijah. Thus he became a special disciple of Yahya. This clearly proves Yahya’s superiority, because it is not evident that Yahya ever repented on anyone’s hand.”
(translation courtesy br.Miyyan, thanks bro)


and then he went onto saying:

“Three maternal and paternal grandmother of yours (Isa AS) were adulterers and prostitutes from whose blood you came into existence. But I guess this mandatory in sight of God. Your relation with prostitutes was probably was due to the same reason of ancestry otherwise no righteous man would give this chance to a young prostitute…”

“…people will start claiming that first Masih was a drunker, second a pothead”

Kashti-e-Nuh. pg.71
“Isa AS used to drink alcohol. May be due to some sickness or may be it was just an old habit ”

“I have been sent by God also for the purpose that I should believe Jesus, peace be upon him, to be a true, holy and righteous prophet of God, and repose faith in his prophethood. There is not even a word in any book of mine that detracts from his dignity, and anyone who thinks that there is, is mistaken and a liar.” (Ayyam as-Sulh, Title, p. 2)

“now somebody had to become a adulterer and a wrong doer to ask for a miracle. It’s the same as when there was a mischievous liar who had a soul like Yashuah(Messiah) told people that he will tell them a recitation…….”
“from the gospel of Mathew we can tell you were very dumb. You never considered Epilepsy as a disease, but like other illiterate women and local people considered it as demonic possession. Yes you were addicted to swearing and foul language. Got angry on small things.But according to me these acts of yours weren’t pitiable because you just swore at Jews and they would tackle you with hands and punches. Remember also that you were also addicted to lying. Whatever prophecies were regarding you in Torah, you would say they do not exist in my book”

“because people knew that this person(Isa AS) is a drunker and this unethical character is not after divinity but has been like this since beginning therefore the claim of divinity is a bad result of being a drunker”

“and when in rainy season thousands of insects are automatically born and hazrat Adam A.S was also born without any mother or father then in no way Isa A.S’s grandeur is proven like this rather being born without a father according to some strong arguments is a deprivation”

Guns aimed at Isa AS – part 2
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Yousaf Ahmed

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I have a simple question for Ahmadi murrabis, you say Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib did not abuse Hazrat Isa a.s. but was simply quoting the jews. Why? First of all this is not true, but even if we agree then is it befitting for a so called nabi of Allah s.w.t. to quote such bad things about a noble Messenger of Allah s.w.t? is it not a sin to repeat false things about others (a Messenger in this case)? How could Mirza Ghulam Ahmad could be a nabi if he did not even have this much decency in him? Does… Read more »

True follower
True follower

Truly an eye opener. Look at the beautiful way the holy Quran places mother of Jesus (Isa) a.s. Mary(Mariam) a.s. at the highest esteem as woman above all nations to have a pious Son, due to her piety and hearing this brought tears to the eyes of the Christian king Najashi of Abysynnia. Imagine if Najashi read the vulgar language of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib what would his mental condition be? The holy Quran is like milk. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahibs statements are like vinegar. Ahmadi murabbis have the habit of deliberately hiding and changing things around, they must be… Read more »

New Observer
New Observer
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