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Letter to Prime Minister of Malta – Where are the Ahmadi Women?

The Ahmadiyya in Malta conducted a Women’s Day seminar but there was NO Ahmadi woman at the head table, or none that was mentioned as having spoken at the ‘seminar’.  Since the first lady of Malta and the VP of the National Council of Women spoke at the occasion, we wrote to them:

Your Excellency,

It was very nice to see the First Lady of Malta, Catherine Gonzi, Michelle Muscat, wife of Opposition Leader Joseph Muscat and Nadya Anne Mangion, the vice president of the National Council of Women at this seminar.

The rights of women and their celebration are of prime importance to all Muslims.

It was a concern, however, that no Ahmadi lady spoke at the occasion or was seen among the speakers on the table.  If that is the case, it would again highlight our concerns about the Ahmadiyya religion not practicing what it preaches.  Ahmadi women are not allowed to vote in the general organisation of their community, nor allowed to become President or hold any male-only offices within the community.

The hypocrisy of the Ahmadiyya cult towards women was exposed in this video by AK Shaikh:

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