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Master Qudoos, murderer or murdered?

So what really happened in murder of Master Abdul Qudoos!!!

A news reporter Rana Ibrar who was a non-Ahmadi was murdered in Chenab Nagar by some unknown people. Rana Ibrar had found some serious evidence against Ahmadiyyah cult, so was taken out. Ahmed Yousaf, close friend of Rana Ibrar, some how had found what Ibrar was working on. Master Qudoos was the sadar of the town where Ahmed Yousaf was living. Ahmed Yousaf wrote several times to Qudoos that his life seems to be in danger by the attitude of khuddam of chinab nagar. Actually, master Qudoos knew what was going on and had played a vital role in the murder of Ahmed Yousaf. After the murder, by some pressure from the family of Ahmed Yousaf, Master Qudoos was taken in for interrogation.

After police interrogation process, Qudoos was admitted to jama’ti hospital (he came back walking on his legs) and had leaked at some point at the hospital that he had told police that what has been happening (so start wrapping up ) and who murdered Ahmed Yousaf. So, Qudoos was taken out as well before he could become a more problem and was intentionally killed at the hospital.Here’s an interview by AK Shaikh with daughter of Ahmed Yousaf:
Daughter of Ahmed Yousaf wrote to Mirza Masroor along with his brother and there was an absolute silence on this issue from him.

Here’s the proof that Master Qudoos died not from torture by police. This is his post-mortem report:

Master Qudoos, murderer or murdered?
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Yousaf Ahmed

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Let it go
Is it written in the report that he died of complications of torture? Just looking at it the way one wants and making assumptions is fabrication of truth. Somehow some people are making things as they go along to show their point of view ignoring the facts of the case. This is like supporting the crime and people involved in it. How shameful of them?
Truth be told
looking at the report carefully shows that he indeed died of complications of torture. He probably suffered kidney damage resulting in blood from bladder and infection in his kidney that can lead to blood poisoning and death.
Mirza clan is a mafia cult……this incident proves it, anyone who disagrees with them they go after them………
@ real truth What should we do with the testimony of the family of Ahmad Yousaf??? Its obvious that Ahmadis only care about life/death of Ahmadis. You people dont care at all for anyone else!!! I thought the motto was LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE???? I just remembered…that’s your marketing slogan only. Master Qudoos was taken into custody because the police had credible info that he was involved in the murder of Ahmad Yousaf. He was then released on his own 2 feet. He mysteriously died!!!!! Can we blame the Khuddam of Rabwah for the series of events here?… Read more »

The most Irrational
The medical report proves nothing. It was already confirmed that the police were corrupting the facts to justify their actions. Ridiculous allegations are made here, with no supporting evidence, simply an opinion with flawed logic is stated. It is clear that the family of Yousaf were the ones who wanted to blame somebody for the death of their father, thus they blamed Qudos. 2) The issue of Yousaf is that he was not acknowledged by the Khalif. Obviously AK Shaikh thinks this is because the Jamaat murdered him, a completely obnoxious and blatantly ignorant comment fueled by blind hatred and… Read more »
When the cult is caught in the middle of …………just deny everything……..this seems to be the strategy of the cult………….. say that all allegations are false …………..and do not admit any guilt. These are not the signs of true people. True people have the courage to admit their faults and have open minds to accept criticism when factual evidence is provided.
Masroor should be jailed immediatley…

We have 2 unsolved murders and an Ahmadi mysteriously died. This Ahmadi was a key witness.

This Mirza family has been crooked since the 1850’s. They need to shut down their Kar-o-Bar.

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