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Mirza Ghulam Ahmed going against order of Allah

Mirza Sahib, at many places have degraded and literally blasted the dignity of  prophet Isa A.S just to showdown and degrade christian missionaries so they would feel ashamed of their TRINITY and convert to Islam. What has he said, briefly:

“because people knew that this person(Isa AS) is a drunker and this unethical character is not after divinity but has been like this since beginning therefore the claim of divinity is a bad result of being a drunker” 
“what was the lifestyle of Messiah. (please translate khaao piyo for me) He was a khao piyo, drunker, no goodness, never worshipped, never stood for truth, proud, selfish, claimant of divinity.”
”to be an impotent is not good quality….this objection is pretty big that Hazrat Masih AS did not possess the biggest male quality possessed by males…”
“what a God he is whose maternal and paternal grandmothers are so great(literally sarcastically pointing at His AS grandmothers bcuz he believe them to be prostitutes nauzubillah)”
“Isa AS used to drink alcohol. May be due to some sickness or may be it was just an old habit “
“Three maternal and paternal grandmother of yours (Isa AS) were adulterers and prostitutes from whose blood you came into existence.
“this is very shameful that you stole, pahari taleem which is considered as brain of injeel, from Talmud a book of Jews and then presented as if it is my own teaching…”
“christians have quoted lots of miracles of you but the truth is you never performed any miracle and from that you swore at them, called them adulterers and bastards”
Consult www.ahmedi.org/general/guns-aimed-at-isa-as for references and pages.

But the question arises, where did all the allegations raised by Mirza Sahib came from. Well, here it is:

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed in Chashma-e-Masih, Vol.20, Pg.336 (margin) accepts that

“whatever I have written through pen against the dignity of Isa AS is the reply of allegations and they are actually the words of JEWS that I have copied.Sadly but Padres should remain respectful and fear God and do not curse our Prophet SAW(goes onto saying that I actually respect him)”

1. He knew he was referring to Isa A.S. (Ahmadis often say No, he was referring to Masih of Bible, but never provide any references as usual.)
2. He copied all allegations from “books of Jews” (Ahmadis often also say No, he took it all from Christians but fail to provide references everytime.)
Didn’t Mirza Sahib know that for Christians Jesus A.S is their God and Son of God in trinity. Ahmadiyyah Prophet+Imam Mahdi went against the commandment of Allah. Allah says in Qur’an:
6:108 “And do not abuse the ones whom they (non-believers) invoke apart from Allah, (or) then they would abuse Allah aggressively without knowledge.” 

Then Mirza Sahib expects Christians to not curse at Muhammad SAW and Allah Almighty?
Mirza Ghulam Ahmed going against order of Allah
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Yousaf Ahmed

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Great eye opener for Ahmadis! Hope they get it this time. Their so called promised messiah was such a vulgar person that he did not even spare one of the mighty messengers of GOD.
Nice work!!

1. There are many places in Anjam e Athim (1897) wherein he used even more vulgar language for Esa (as). The appendix of that is in Arabic…hence most people havent read it.

2. I had read that lekh Ram and the Arya Samaj were in the habit of totally abusing Christ of the Bible…it seems that MGA stole their twisted ideas and presented them as his own…I had posted this data in the forum somewhere.

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