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Mirza Masroor’s Abdullah jaangli!


Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (former Prime minister Pakistan) had a private assistant called “Noora” who understood Bhutto’s every move and could also make jokes with him. Successor of religion of Ahmadiyyat, Mirza Masroor Ahmad also has a private assistant like Noora named as “Abdullah Jaangli” and what does he do with Masroor, what secrets does he hold and who likes dislikes him, everything will be unveiled very soon which will also include details about Masroor’s raid on the office of former chairman MTA.


Mirza Masroor’s Abdullah jaangli!
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Yousaf Ahmed

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Cannot wait to see more of this cult’s antics, hope you post it soon!
finally masroor raided MTA otherwise brainwashed Ahmadis still dont believe it. GOD help them understand that this cult has nothing to do with Islam but it is deception.
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