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Mirza Masroor’s Burqa-Clad Wife? Changing Dress Code of Qadianis

Turkish burqa, Punjabi Pagri (turban), Jinnah Cap and Pathan Cap are the dress codes of the Qadianis.

In a closed cult-like society, these dress codes carry great significance of rank.  There was a time when everyone wore the ‘pagri’ or the turban.  At that time, the distinction of the leader and his bodyguards was that their turbans had a stiff golden dome inside and part of the turban would stand up straight from the head, giving the impression of awe and grandeur.

And then, the Jinnah cap became the vogue:


Now, this Jinnah cap is reserved for higher-ranking members and graduates of the Qadiani seminaries, while the normal people have taken to the Pathan cap!


And this is an example of the Turkish Burqa that is now mostly identified with Qadianis:


The Turkish Burqa, together with the three head-dresses for men, are now distinctly associated with Qadianis, just as one would expect in a cult-like closed society.


Is Mirza Masroor Ashamed of his Wife’s Burqa?

Since the discussion about the burqa started in Europe, Mirza Masroor’s wife is nowhere to be seen in public.  No official picture or video has a picture of his wife or any other female relative.  If any of his relatives is seen without the burqa, what face will he show to his followers?  This is the natural punishment of hypocrisy — he will have to account for the oppression by Qadiani Khalifas of Qadiani Ahmadi women over the past decades — forcing them to wear burqas.  This one issue alone shows the hypocrisy of this religion.

His predecessor, Mirza Bashiruddin, was so brave that he brought all four of his wives to England during a trip and was rarely seen in public without one:

And so was another predecessor, Mirza Nasir:


Qadiani Ahmadi Khalifas!  You have to come clean and be clear about this.  For once, say it clearly: is the burqa banned, is there an explanation (as usual!) or should it be enforced?  Why be a coward if this community of yours is more than a family business? Or, will you forever punish and threaten poor people with your whimsical pronouncements?  While you are at it, please also shed some light on how much the traditional ‘purdah’ is observed within your own extended ‘royal’ family.


Mirza Masroor’s Burqa-Clad Wife? Changing Dress Code of Qadianis
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