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Prophet or a Patient?

This topic is important specially for Ahmadi people, not to make them feel bad or curse themselves but to think just for a moment out of the box.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad developed severe mental conditions.

It was foretold that the promised one would suffer from two maladies, one in the upper part of his body and the other in the lower, that the hair of his head would be straight, that he would be wheat-coloured, that he would suffer from a slight stammer in his speech, that he would belong to a family of farmers, that, while talking, he would occasionally strike his hand against his thigh, that he would appear in a village called Kada, and that he would combine in himself the office of the Messiah and the Mahdi. And so it has turned out to be. Ahmad, the Promised Messiah as , suffered from vertigo and diabetes; he had straight hair, was wheat-coloured, and occasionally stammered in his speech. He had the habit of striking his hand against his thigh while giving a discourse, and belonged to a family of landowners. He was a resident of Kadian or Kade as Qadian is popularly called. In short, when we consider all these prophecies collectively, we find that they apply to no age but to the present, and to no person but to Ahmad”
(Bashirud din Mahmood : Ahmadiyyat or True Islam – Pg.18 – 19)

—> Not only he suffered from Malaise, hysteria,Melancholia but also Vertigo, excessive urination, stammer and diabetes?

You behold! Hazrat(SAW) had foretold about my illness also which has come to pass likewise: He had said that when Masih will descend from the sky he will be wearing two saffron-colored sheets of cloth. Therefore, same way, I have two diseases, one in the upper part of the body, viz., Hysteromania, and the other, excessive urination, in the lower part”. (Malfoozat-e-Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, Vol. 8, P. 445);

—> Only a person suffering from mental disorder can interpret this hadith with his two mental disorders.
“Hazrat Khalifat-ul-Masih-ul-Awwal said to hazrat promised Masih: “Your Honor! Ghulam Nabi suffers from Melancholia.” The honourable was pleased to reply: “In a way, all the prophets suffered from Melancholia and I also suffer from the same”. (Seerat-ul-Mahdi, P. 304, Vol. 3);

—> A good thing is he was aware of this.

“Doctor Mir Muhammad Ismail Sahib told me that he had heard many times from hazrat sahib, the promised Masih, that he suffered from Hysteria and also mentioned Melancholia. But the truth is that signs of nervous disorders developed in him only as a result of his diligent mental work and day and night preoccupation with literary compositions. These are often seen in patients of Hysteria (and Melancholia) also.” (Seerat-ul-Mahdi, Vol. 2, P. 55);

“This disease, having occurred once in the family, was bound to penetrate into the next off- spring. Therefore hazrat Khilafat-ul-Masih Thani, Mian Mahmud Ahmad Sahib, told me that occasionally, he also got an attack of Hyster-Malaise”. (From: Article written by Doctor Shah Nawaz Sahib Qadiani, reproduced in Magazine ‘Review Of Religions,’ Qadian, August, 1926, P. 11);
The cause of all his troubles such as vertigo, headache, sleeplessness, heart cramps, indigestion, diarrhea, excessive urination and hystermalaise was only one and that was his weakness of nerves“. (From the magazine: ‘Review Qadian, May 1927, P. 26);

Dear Ahmadi followers, what if on the day of judgment, Mirza Sahib stands up and says

“I was just a mental patient but they started believing me”?
Just put a little “WHAT IF….” and think about it.

the choice is really yours!!!


Prophet or a Patient?
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Yousaf Ahmed

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Maulabus, I don’t think those sacred personalities can be compared to mirza The imposter. I came across this video, I would like to invite you to watch it with open heart and decide, how can such a man be a prophet of God.
I don’t think that there is any Aayat or Hadees that tells us that if we don’t pray or don’t pay zakat or don’t go to haj or don’t fast then we will be out of Islam. BUT….. If you don’t pay Chanda you are not an ahmedi. The will not sign you nikah forms if you don’t have Chanda receipts. !!!!!!! What kind of religion is that where you pay money to become a member??? Is this a club???
Ahmedi friends,
What do you like in the personality of Mirza Masroor sahib? (Other than he is “chosen” khalifa by Allah.)
By reading his books you will know that mirza sahib was a mentally and sexually sick person. He thinks that the satisfaction you get from nawaz is like satisfaction you get from having sex with you wife or another woman. Point to be noted is that why did he say ‘wife or any other woman’??? Wife is ok but why did he mentioned ‘any othe woman’? It shows that for mirza sahib there is no difference between a wife and any other woman!
My eyes are already opened Alhamdolillah. I was a born ahmedi. Even my parents were born ahmedi. I just want to say that it’s clear like a crystal that mirza ghulam ahmed sahib was a liar and idiot. Idiot bcz he mentioned his stupidity in books. And ahmedis are big idiot who don’t read his books. They just like to buy a set of Rohani Khazain. I want to ask ahmedis one question, do you know that mirza sahab wrote that he is second comming of Muhammad (saws)? And do you know that mirza sahib thinks that hazrat Eesha (as)… Read more »
Allah s.w.t appoints and sends Prophets, Messengers and Messiah as indicated in Holy Quran. Hz. Isa a.s. is the Promised Messiah not MGAQ as Ahmadiyya cult falsely claims. There is not a single ayat in holy Quran or a Hadith which says MGAQ is a promised messiah and mahdi and a prophet and a shadow of Muhammad s.a.w.s………. as Ahmadiyya cult claims. One possible reasons for so many conflicting claims of MGAQ could be his severe mental conditions which is well known. There is not a single true prophet of Allah s.w.t who was such a mentally sick person and… Read more »

The prophet job (as) aka Ayub (as), was tested thru these afflciations, of which the biggest one was a loss of family, not cholera or severe fits of diarrhea or excessing urination. Moreover, Allah removed all of those afflications once the time was right. MGAQ wasn’t so lucky.

The same is true with Younis (as). Allah tested him some trials….Younis (as) passed and was given security by Allah.

Please think all of you that if promised messiah was patient ….. And patient cannot be prophet then please clarify the position of hazrat ayub as and h younis.

There is a huge difference, Hz. Ayub a.s. and Hz. Yunus a.s. are mentioned in the Holy Quran as noble Prophets of Allah s.w.t. who went through trials and tibulations and Allah s.w.t was pleased with them.

MGAQ was a liar and an imposter who made several false claims and failed prophecies thereby making mockery of the religion and to mislead people. Example, do you know that MGAQ said he got revealations from an angel called “teachi teachi”? Do you know that MGAQ said he was pregnant for 9months and then he became HZ. Isa a.s. (the second coming)?

How much of a Jahil you would be to call such mentally retarded person a prophet of God. It is so absurd that it is beyond belief. The guy was diseases on legs, I mean come ON.
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian claimed having visions that he is the wife of God and God has expressed His power of virility with him. (Astaghfir Allah). Finally he got inspirations that he is son of God, God himself and God will be born as his son. (Roohani Khazain vol.13 p.103)
This MGAQ fellow was quite sick….he was pretty much a lazy bloak, he didnt even care for his children….once his father died….he needed money….
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