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State of Rabwah VS. Pakistan

I would like to draw your attention to the serious threat Pakistan faces from this CULT. It is also very important for those living in Pakistan to be aware of their long term plan to own a piece of land they call their home, where they can set their own Government.The preparations have already began and they are closer to making that dream into reality.

Those living in and outside of Pakistan, should pay close attention to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s claims, prophesies and revelations. If you speak to an Ahmadi, they will be quick to recite a revelation pertaining to Lahore; “bloody streams will flow within Lahore and people will say, there used to be a Lahore once”. This revelation (plan) will only come true if they are able to declare Rabwah an independent State for the Ahmadis. We all know the outcome of such action will lead to a major conflict as we have seen between Palestine and Israel. I doubt Mirza Ghulam had any revelations instead he was power hungry and planned how to own a country, his family have been following the plans on making his dream into reality by calling it a revelation. ,,
I do know that Rabwah is already a State within a State, they have piles of ammunition, planning for an airport, a legal system and take over of the water system. They have been able to plant thousands of trees, build malls, hospitals, hotels etc..

They have used every one they could to promote their agenda. They needed the railway line to came through Rabwah, it was my friends grandfather who used his contacts to make it happen. One thing about these Ahmadis is, they quickly forget those who help them, hopefully this will cause their down fall as well. Currently they are using USA, Canada and other western countries to recognize them as the true Muslim leaders and Ahmadiyyat is the true Islam therefore anyone that is not an Ahmadi will be considered non Muslim.. This may seem far fetch to many but this is closer to being a reality then you realize.
We all know what Ahmadis and their Khalifas think of westerners, they believe their women are whores and their men are immoral ,In fact we all know how much they really Hate those they are seeking help from these days.

What concerns me is Ahmadis will regret one day, being a part of this Cult, perhaps it will be too late. All Ahmadis know the reality of their Cult. I ask, would you really like for your Khalifa to have the power Israel have over the Palestinians?? Would you want to turn Pakistan into bloodshed like it is in Palestine??? I bet the answer will be NO. One thing all Ahmadis should be honest about is that their situation is not the same as it is for Jews, they were victims of the Holocaust but you are not. Jews had a legitimate claim where in your case, we all know the truth of why you guys chose to leave the country.
Lets us not help this Cult leaders to create a similar Israeli/ Palestinian conflict in Pakistani/Rabwahian one.
I urge everyone living in USA,to write to your Senators and Congress. As far as people living in Pakistan, ,investigate all terrorist attacks to see if Ahmadi money or person is involved. It is very possible that Ahmadi money is behind,the terror attacks. ,Please do not underestimate these people.

(article by: Munavar)

State of Rabwah VS. Pakistan
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Yousaf Ahmed

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Allah s.w.t revealed the truth to Mohammad SAWS (holy Quran) 1400 yrs ago.

Ahmadiyya cult was founded by fake messiah Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who fooled gullible masses to gain money and fame.

Ahmadiyya cult missionaries shamelessly/falsely spread teachings of Ahmadiyyat in the name of Islam, and call themselves as the only true moderate muslims.

Muhammad Ahmad
Please relax, time will tell and Allah will expose truth as planned. You cant do anything against the will of Allah. When Jesus #1 will come down flying from sky, they will be destroyed immediately. Why are you worried so much. Just relax and let Allah do his job. Your problem is only the truth that Jesus will not come as he has died.
Fact check
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was neither a messiah nor mahdi but maseeh-e-dajjal. Why waste time in arguing whether Jesus PBUH died or not. May Allah s.w.t give guidance to brainwashed Ahmadies so that they can see that it is a cult that falsely uses the name of Islam to spread misleading teachings. Either you are Muslim or Ahmadi (non-muslim) you decide.
Staunch Ahmadis may deny everthing you write and it is a waste of time arguing with them. Beware they are not to be underestimated in their enemity they go to any limits. They are crazy and ever since they have been rightly declared as non-Muslims by the state of Pakistan, they are are doing everything possible to harm that nation.
Ahmadiyya cult are traitors, they can do anything as the writer says to their oponents.
It is important to know how Qadiyani cult missionaries operate. Below are some points: * Always speak ill of Muslims and Pakistan * Cunningly speak highly about their cult, deny any wrong doings of this cult * Instigate hate aganst Muslims so people do not turn to ISLAM * Falsely claim themselves as the only true and moderate muslims, others as extremists, fanatics, etc. * Blasphemy against Rasul-Allah SAWS and his teachings * Shamelessly change meanings of Holy Quran to suit MGAQ’s false claims and agenda * Deliberatly spread false and misleading teachings (Ahmadiyyat) in the name of Islam *… Read more »
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