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The Waqf-e-Jadid Rounds

Waqf-e-Jadid(posted on behalf of Rationalist, a heartfelt response to the Waqf-e-Jadid year end harassment in December)

Dear Masroor,

You have your local Presidents (Sadrs) and Qaid’s running around scraping every Ahmadi for the last bit of their financial resources. “The year ends, the year ends”—this is the rhetoric that is spewing from every Ahmadi who is in a leadership position in your Cult. You have Murrabbis running around and asking for pledges, they are saying, “just make a pledge” and then they skate off and make the Qaids sniff for the money trail.

In the last couple of days my cousins have reported receiving text messages, phone calls and emails. Does the organization really need the money that bad? Is the population of Ahmadis rapidly decreasing? Why are you trying to squeeze Ahmadis for every red penny? Is the jamaat in financial turmoil? Is Rafiq Hayat in financial ruin?

And where does the money go? Why is it that you have deliberately hidden the facts about the allocation of charitable funds as collected by your cult? There is a Tajneed (Census) list that exists in every country and every jamaat, and it is like a Social Security Number for Ahmadis. It is basically a list that tells Masroor what Ahmadis have been naughty or nice. You know as to who is paying and who is not, that is how you judge dedication, is it not? Don’t you give promotions based on how much an Ahmadi has donated?

Let my people go!!! You have trapped my fellow Punjabis in a web of payments. Like Malcolm X explained, “these people believe their religious leader as divine, hence the psychology is to ask NO questions and continue the volunteer work.” Ahmadis earnestly believe that they are doing the work of Allah, but it is obvious that this is a fraud.

Do you believe in the Day of Judgement? Why have you pacified Ahmadis with jalsas and ijtemas? Do you wonder why Ahmadis are leaving? The one that cant leave are trapped into your Cult and are forced to pay or be publicly humiliated. We are tired, we are sick, please for the sake of Allah loosen your grip. You have the brainwashed my entire family. I want my brothers and sisters back! My parents are blindfolded, my cousins have been hoodwinked, my friends have been disenchanted, please STOP for the sake of Allah.

The Waqf-e-Jadid Rounds
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