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A Disease Ridden Prophet?

These are quotes from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani himself, not from his son and Seeratul Mahdi but Mirza Sahib’s own words:

I suffer from two diseases: The first disease is the upper part of the body and that is giddiness, the second disease is in the lower part of the body and that is excessive urination (Roohani Khazain Volume 22 – 80 – Haqiqat-ul-Wahi P.206)

Sometimes I fall on the ground from the severity of headache. The giddiness reduces the amount of blood and slows down its flow and circulation. This condition is very bad. (Roohani Khazain Volume 21 – 79 – Braheen Ahmadiyya Volume 5 P205)

I am a chronic patient (Roohani Khazain Volume 19 – 68 – Naseem-e-Dawat P 68)

“This decrepid is suffering from weakness of brain. for long time after I got married. I used to think that I am impotent.”(Letter By Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani date: 22/2/1887 in Maktoobate Ahmadiyya Vol. 5, p. 14 copied from Navishta-e-Ghaib By Khalid Wazirabadi)

“At the time of marriage my heart and brain were very weak and I was suffering with dizziness have been with me for long time;because of these I had bitterness (sadness) of the heart (depression)and the absence of sexual power.” (Tiryaq-ul-Quloob Roohani Khazain vol.15 p.203 By Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani)

” I have great improvment with your medicines. Few diseases like lethargy and gastric acidity have been cureed by it. I had one very serious problem that the erection used to subside when I leid down for intercourse. Lack of sexual energy was it’s cause. So with your medicines my sexual power have returned.”(MAKTOOBAT-E-AHMADIYYA, Vol 5, No.2 Collection of letters by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani)

“Revelation was sent to me regarding marriage; at that time my heart and brain and body were very weak. Apart from diabetes mellitus and dizziness in the head and sadness of heart (Depression), I was suffering from tuberculosis also.”(Nuzool-e-Maseeh, Roohani Khazain vo.18 p.587 footnote By Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani)

“I am a permanently sick man. And the two yellow sheet s which have been mentioned in the Traditions as those which would be worn by the Messiah when he would come down, these two sheets are with me .-and these are, according to the science of interpretation of dreams, two ailments. Hence, one of these sheets is on my upper part so that headache and giddiness and insomnia and palpitation of the heart come to me in the form of fits. The other sheet which is on the lower part of my body is diabetes which has afflicted me for quite a long time so that often I have urinated a hundred times during the night and day, and due to this frequency of urination I am afflicted with all those ailments of debility which generally result from such a disease. (Appendices of Arbacin, Nos. 3 and 4, p. 4. )

“You behold! Hazrat (SAW) had foretold about my illness also which has come to pass likewise: He had said that when Masih will descend from the sky he will be wearing two saffron-coloured sheets of cloth. Therefore, same way, I have two diseases, one in the upper part of the body, viz., Hysteromania, and the other, excessive urination, in the lower part”. (Malfoozat-e-Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, Vol. 8, p. 445)

“My memory is very poor. I meet a person many times even then I forget. I am so much poor in memory and remembering things that I cannot explain.” (Maktobat, v.5 No., p.31)


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A Disease Ridden Prophet?
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