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Death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani has, in numerous articles and books, referred to plague and cholera as curses of Allah meant for worst kind of sinners. He devoted one whole book (Kishti-e-Nuh) on the subject of plague stressing that it was a curse and AZAAB of Allah for his rejecters. He issued numerous death prophesies for his foes predicting and praying for their death through cholera or plague, implying that death through cholera or plague is a horrible punishment of Allah meant only for big sinners.

Now, surprisingly, a very senior Ahmadi Morabbi Fazal Ahmadi who regularly defends Ahmadiyya Jamaat on youtube is saying quite opposite. In in doing that, his is effectively trashing the views of his NABI Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. In a recent video, referring to a statement that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died as a result of cholera, he quotes a Hadith from Bukhari saying that a person dying of Cholera or Plague has the status of a SHAHEED – just like a person who sacrificed his life in the name of Allah.

Without going into the authenticity of this Hadith, if we assume that it is true, then it clearly proves MGA to be a totally wrong and an ignorant person when he repeatedly declared death through plague and cholera (for his foes) as punishment of Allah.

The reason people raise the issue of MGAQ’s death through cholera and the reason Ahmadi’s take so much pains to “prove” that he did not die of cholera but of a disease having symptoms similar to cholera are as follows:

Soon before his death MGAQ issued a death prophesy for his foe Sanaullah Amritsary in which he predicted his death through Cholera or Plague. In the advertisement dated 15th April 1907 (published in his Collection of Advertisement vol.3 p.578-579) Mirza Sahib said: “O My Beloved Lord! If this claim of Promised Messiah is just a fabrication of my nafs and I am a LIAR and TROUBLE-MAKER (mufsid) in your eyes and day and night fabrications is my job then O My Beloved Lord, I plead you humbly to kill me in the lifetime of Molvi Sanaullah … but not with human hands rather with PLAGUE OR CHOLERA etc like deadly diseases … Now I plead you to make a truthful jusdgement between me and Sanaullah and whoever is truly LIAR and MUFSID, kill him in the lifetime of the truthful. AMEEN SUMMA AMEEN.”

Mirza Sahib died soon after publication of this advertisement through a disease that he himself diagnosed as chronic cholera.

Mirza Sahib’s father-in-law Mir Nasir Nawab in his book entitled “Hayat-e-Nasir”, says that soon before his death Mirza Sahib uttered the following words: “NAWAB SAHEB, I AM AFFLICTED WITH EPIDEMIC CHOLERA.”

The following is the account of Mirza Sahib’s death narrated by his son Mirza Bashir Ahmad in his book Seerat-e-Mehdi:

“Huzoor was perfectly well on the eve of 25 May, 1908. After Isha prayers, when I came back home I saw my father sitting on the bed having dinner with my mother. ”

“Mother said, Huzoor had first loose motion at the time of dinner. But after that we kept pressing his feet for some time. He lay down and slept and I went to sleep too. After sometime, he felt the need to go to toilet and probably once or twice he went to toilet to relieve himself. After that he felt very weak and shook me to wake me up. When I woke up, he was so weak that he lay down on my bed and started pressing his feet. After a while, Huzoor asked me to go to sleep. I said no, I will continue pressing. In the meantime he had another loose motion. This time the weakness was so much that he could not go to toilet therefore I made arrangements by the bed and he relieved himself there and then again laid down. I continued pressing his feet. But now, the weakness was too much . After that he had a loose motion and vomit. When he was lying down, he could not hold himself due to weakness and fell on his back. and he hit his head with wooden plank of the bed and condition became very miserable. Upon this I said – O god, what is about to happen- Huzoor said, – what I used to say ”


Link to Fazal Ahmadi’s youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GW1d-PTVzjk&feature=channel_page

Link to Seerat-e-Mehdi: http://www.alislam.org/urdu/pdf/Seerat-ul-Mahdi-Vol-1.pdf

Death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
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