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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad – Ego Trip

The following is only a vision but it manifests the height of the Ego of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. I will leave it here without further comments.

This article was posted by our respected senior member Mobi14 on our discussion forum.

The following is only a vision but it manifests the height of the Ego of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. I will leave it here without further comments.

“In a vision I saw that I myself was God and believed myself to be such. I felt that I had no will or thought or action of my own left, and that I had become like something which is being completely overpowered by something else that had absorbed me wholly so that my own being had completely disappeared.

I saw the divine spirit envelop my soul and covering my body hide me completely in itself so that not a particle of me remained.

I beheld myself as if all my limbs had become His, my eye had become His eye, my ears had become His ears and my tongue had become His tongue.

My Lord seized me with such great force that I disappeared in Him and I felt that His Power was surging in me and that His divinity was coursing through me.

The Lord of honour had set His camp all around my heart and the Lord of power ground down my soul so that there was no more of me nor any desire of mine left. My whole structure was demolished and only the structure of the Lord of the universe remained visible.

The Divine overcame me with such force that I was drawn to Him from the hair of my head to the nails of my toes.

Then I became all spirit which had no body and became an oil which had no dregs.

I was separated completely from my ego and I became like something which was not visible or like a drop which had become merged in the ocean so that the ocean com­prehended it in its vastness. I no longer knew what I had been before nor what my being was.

Divinity coursed through my veins and muscles. I was completely lost to myself and God Almighty employed all my limbs for His purpose and took possession of me with such force that nothing could exceed it. By this seizure I became non-existent.

I believed that my limbs had become God’s limbs and I imagined that I had discarded my own being and had departed from my own existence, and that no associate or claimant had remained as an obstruction.

God Almighty entered wholly into my being and my anger and my gentleness, my bitterness and my sweetness and my move­ment and my inertness all became His. In this condition I said: I desire a new universe, a new heaven and a new earth.

I then created the heaven and the earth in a mass without order or distinction and then according to the divine will I arranged and classified this mass.

I felt that I had the power to create it.

Then I created the lower heaven and said: We have decorated the lower heaven with lamps.

Then I said: We shall now create man from the essence of clay. Then my condition moved from vision towards the reception of revelation and my tongue uttered: I determined to make a vicegerent and created Adam.

Then we created man in the best mould”.

(Kitabul-Bariyya pp. 78-79).
(Tadhkirah pp. 118-120).

Editor’s comments:

Assuming that Mirza Sahib was not lying and did not make up the story of this vision, let us try to guess who this vision could be from!

Could it be from Allah? It is very unlikely in fact impossible. Why would Allah show such a vision to a mortal person, in which the mortal person practically becomes God Almighty himself and creates heavens, earth and life on earth. It is absolutely unthinkable because it will mean that Allah is guiding His subject towards the highest possible degree of Shirk.

Therefore, if it was not be from Allah and if Mirza Sahib in fact saw such a vision then it should undoubtedly be from “other source”. I will let you guess what that “other source” could be. The Holy Quran has very amply described that “other source” so I don’t have to.

I will go even farther to say that in publishing this vision of his, Mirza Sahib has provided concrete evidence of the fact that all his Ilhams and visions were in fact from the same “other source” as the subject vision.

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani tells of a similar trick that the aforementioned “other source” tried to play on him:

Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani says, ”I received a satanic inspiration once. Satan said: ‘O Abdul Qadir! all your prayers are accepted. From now on whatsoever is forbidden to others is lawful to you. You are even exempt from obligatory prayers. Do whatever you please.’ At this, I said, ‘Be off O Satan! how can something that was not permissible for the Holy Prophet (saw) be permissible for me!’ After this, Satan disappeared from my sight along with his golden throne.”

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad – Ego Trip
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