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Mirza Guulam Ahmad Misquotes Holy Quran And Hadith

It is not uncommon to see some “scholars” misinterpret the Holy Quran to support their personal perceptions. However, even persons who are guilty of gross misinterpretations are at least careful to not change or misquote the verses of the Holy Quran. Changing or misquoting the verses of Holy Quran is considered to be a sin of a very high degree. A person who believes in Allah and the day of judgment cannot possibly go that far.

However, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani seems to have completely overcome the fear of Allah and the day of judgment and has, not just once but on several occasions, grossly misquoted the Holy Quran. He has often attributing things to Holy Quran that are not in it. Below are some examples. I will keep enhancing the list as I get more references. I would highly appreciate members’ help in that regard.

1. Arbaeen (2/23) pdf (25 – 144 ) Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib states that

“according to the Quran: When the Promised Messiah comes, the Islamic clergy will harass him and declare him an infidel.”

There is no such verse in the Quran (period), even his own statement denies it:

There is no mention of the term Promised Messiah in the Quran. (Shahadatul
Quran pg 65)

2. RK 19, Kashti Nooh P-5 pdf 7 He says:

“and remember, not only Quran Majeed but also some books of Torah mention this news that there will plague at the time of Masih Moud.”

Mirza Sahib is clearly lying as, in the Holy Quran there is not even a single words about any Masih Maud or Messiah.
3. RK21 Braheen Ahmadiya Vol. 5 Page Page 286

so It happened at the time of Hazrat Abu bakar and Masih Moud; i.e. during the time of Hz Abu Bakar after the death of Muhammad pbuh hundreds of ignorant Arabs became MURTADD ( denounced Islam) and there were only two mosques where prayers were held. Hz Abu Bakar brought them back to Islam. Similarly, during the time of MASIH MOUD, several hunderds of thousands of people denounced Islam and accepted Christianity. BOTH OF THESE INCIDENTS ARE WRITTEN IN QURAN, i.e. MENTIONED AS PROPHECY.”

There is no such prophesy in the Holy Quran. Also there was absolutely no mass conversion of Muslims to Christianity during Mirza Sahib’s time. Mirza Sahib spread this false rumor to terrorize Muslims into believing him.

4. RK3- Azala aoham page 490 Footnote – pdf 390-537

Thus saying of All knowing All wise (Allah Tala) in Quran that in 1857 my book will be lifted up in the heavens which means that Muslims will not abide by it.”

Holy Quran does not contain any such prophesy about lifting of Quran in 1857.

Here are some gross misquotes from Hadith (These AHADITH that Mirza Sahib refers to do not exist).

RK 23, Chashma Marafat, page 382

Once Hz Muhammed pbuh was asked about the prophets from other countries, then he said only this that God sent prophets to every country and ( ARABIC STATEMENT) which means there was a peophet in India who was of dark complexion and his name was KAHIN i.e. KANHAYYA who is called KRISHN.”

RK4, Nishan-e-asmani p-10 or pdf 16-57 or http://alislam.org/urdu/rk/rk-4-12.pd

Muhammed pbuh informs us about many MAHDIS including the mahdi who, IN HADITH, named as SULTAN MASHRIQ

Braheen Ahmadiya Vol. 5 Page 359

It is mentioned in AUTHENTIC AHADITH ( ahadith- the plural) that Masih Moud will come at the end of (14th) century and will be the Mujaddad of 14th century.

Mirza Guulam Ahmad Misquotes Holy Quran And Hadith
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