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Ja’far Zatilli

Ja’far Zatilli was a journalist who through his foolish, evil act, caused much mental agony and grief to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani. That is why Huzoor has condemned him in very strong words.

It started after Mirza Sahib’s marriage proposal for Mohammadi Begum was denied by her father and despite death prophesies and predictions of dire consequences, Mohammadi Begum’s father married her to another person. This was very devastating for Mirza Sahib who had very firmly set his heart on marrying that young beautiful 15 year old damsel.

After Mohammadi Begum was married to the other guy, Mirza Sahib began seeing Ilhami dreams in which he saw that Mohammadi Begum’s husband had died and subsequently, she had married Mirza Sahib. Normally a person with decency of character will not see such dreams and if he saw them he will be too ashamed to mention them to any other person. However, Mirza Sahib was a prophet and reformer sent by Allah and these dreams were not ordinary dreams: those were Ilhami dreams containing message from Allah. As such, Mirza Sahib had no choice but to publish those dreams.

After a couple of these Ilhami dreams had been published by Mirza Sahib, this evil guy Ja’far Zatilli decided to play this dirty trick. On publication of the next Ilhami dream of Mirza Sahib, he published his own allegedly Ilhami dream in which according to him, Mirza Sahib had died and his wife, Nusrat Jehan Begum had subsequently married Ja’far Zatilli. This was obviously a very foul thing to do. Huzoor Mirza Sahib was very agonized. He criticized Ja’far Zatilli in the harshest possible words.

However, after that Mirza Sahib never mentioned seeing a dream about Mohammadi Begum.

Ja’far Zatilli
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