Musleh Maud in September 1914 instead of 1944?

This strange and different narrative of the “Promised Reformer” comes to us from 1914. This narrative has changed so many times over the years, that it is refreshing to see the perspective a few months after Mirza Mahmud Ahmad acquired the leadership of the Qadiani community.

Also, it belies the reported Qadiani story that he claimed to be the ‘Promised Reformer’ in 1944.  Enjoy:

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Did Mirza Really Call us Kafir?

by Rationalist

This article is an attempt to settle the confusion once and for all on this topic. Over the duration of my exodus from the ‘A’ I have engaged with many Ahmadis on the internet as they denied all statements wherein Mirza Ghulam Ahmad called us Kafir. They vehemently deny all of our accusations of Takfeer from the ‘A’. They act like as if Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never called us Kafir in any way shape or form. They act as if we are wrongfully accusing them of Takfeer on us. This article is intended to settle the debate once and for all.

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Curious case of Baba Nanak

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed has held a belief and preached as well that Baba Guru Nanak was a muslim. Mirza sahib said that he used to get Quranic revelations and he had this chola with Arabic inscriptions. Rk. Vol.10 pg. 157

But what Mirza sahib failed to do was go through his writings and belief. Sikhs completely deny that Guru Nanak had any influence whatsoever of Muhammad SAW or Islam.

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Media Tactics of Ahmadiyya Propagandists

After the Aljazeera debate, people involved in the Ahmadiyya propaganda team have begun writing to us, clearly disgusted with what they have to do.

Please see how the Ahmadiyya game the media in the United States, and how their opinion is propaganda.  Please send this to your local newspaper and also to Huffington Post and other newspapers who continue to print Ahmadiyya propaganda.  Note how MSQ is externally named “Muslim Writers Guild” — another attempt at identity confusion.

Please read the following emails sent out by the Chief Propagandist of Ahmadiyya USA.  Pay special attention to the Quranic verse, and the part of the sentence in RED.

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Ahmadis Started Indonesian Riot – a Dangerous Trend

Many of the perpetrators of the attacks have been punished, but the Indonesian prosecutor has demanded a stiffer sentence for the sole Ahmadi defendant in the 2011 riot in which three Ahmadis were brutally killed.  He said that the riot was started by the Ahmadiyya as they had come prepared for fighting with weapons and a cameraman to videotape the episode — after the local police had asked them to leave.  Unfortunately, the Ahmadi contingent from Jakarta was vastly outnumbered by the local rioters.

Flashback —

In 1974, Ahmadi militants stalked a group of students for a week and then attacked a train carrying them as it was passing through their town.  The local police, station personnel and medical staff refused to help and the train had to leave with badly injured students and go to Faisalabad, almost 50 kilometres away.  In nationwide riots, 42 Ahmadis died and 27 Muslims, with a lot of injuries and arson.  After the Samdani Commission reported its findings, the Ahmadi town of Rabwah (now Chenab Nagar) was made more open and the Ahmadis were unanimously declared non-Muslims for the purposes of the Constitution, after Parliamentary hearings at which their team was allowed to make their case.

Then the Ahmadiyya started calling this ‘persecution’ in front of Western media and governments and started maligning Pakistan — just after Pakistan’s Prime Minister Bhutto and King Faisal of Saudi Arabia had just concluded a historic OIC summit in Lahore.  The former was judicially executed by an American-backed dictator and the latter assassinated by a nephew returned from America, both within about 4 years.

President Obama, who has lived in Indonesia, has presented Indonesia as a model of democracy and tolerance for the Islamic world.  This incident in a village is now being blown out of all proportion to disprove this.

And we just saw the shameful end to the hateful ‘loyalty’ campaign by the Ahmadiyya in the United States.

Are the Ahmadiyya that sinister, or are they willing accomplices with bigger Islamophobes?  That is the question of the day.

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Ahmadiyya “Loyalty” Campaign Proven to be Islamophobia

Finally, some statistics on loyalty of Muslims in the United States:

The Christian Science Monitor writes: Muslims are the most loyal American religious group, new poll says

Muslims are the MOST LOYAL religious groups in the United States as surveyed by Gallup.

So, now the Ahmadiyya ‘Muslims for Loyalty’ campaign spearheaded by Naseem Mahdi in US was because of:

  1.  A guess that Muslims in US were not loyal.  In this case, the Ahmadiyya should apologise.
  2.  A sinister and mischievous campaign by the Ahmadiyya.
  3.  Ahmadiyya were used by some other group or power.

This ball is in the court of the Ahmadiyya.  They should clean on this within the next few days.  We would love to see their take on this before we present our analysis, and hopefully, a discussion.

2012-02-20, PS: A survey in the United Kingdom shows very similar findings:

Ahmadiyya “Loyalty” Campaign Proven to be Islamophobia
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Aljazeera Debate – Marginalised Ahmadi Women

The Ahmadiyya Cult, forced to show its face on an international forum — by their own request — tripped and fell over every one of their cult-like beliefs and practices.  Their incredulous devotees are having a hard time digesting some of the hard facts.

Watch the debate here.  Since many people do not know the structure of the Ahmadiyya, we present this Qadiani Ahmadiyya org chart (we use ‘Qadiani’ to differentiate with other Ahmadiyya organisations such as the Lahoris).

For a larger view, click on the image below a couple of times.

Aljazeera Debate – Marginalised Ahmadi Women
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