Questions about Pigott for Ataul Mujib Rashid

Ahmadiyya as a whole have been speechless on John Hugh Smyth-Pigott for the last 18 months or so. Whatever they have said has been from our sources, including the three-page document that the Qadianis published in Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada.

Last week on Rah-e-Huda, their senior-most Maulvi, Ataul Mujib Rashid, ducked a question from a German caller asking about Pigott, saying something about ‘historical context’ and about devoting a full programme to this issue. Is it that complicated? However, we welcome the Ahmadiyya opening up to their followers.

Since the issue is so complicated (!), can we please request our readers to to pose some questions for Ataul Mujib. After the Qadianis do a show on Pigott as they have promised, we will follow it up with a video insha Allah to see if the answers were in good faith so that Ahmadis can make up their minds.

Questions about Pigott for Ataul Mujib Rashid
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The Waqf-e-Jadid Rounds

Waqf-e-Jadid(posted on behalf of Rationalist, a heartfelt response to the Waqf-e-Jadid year end harassment in December)

Dear Masroor,

You have your local Presidents (Sadrs) and Qaid’s running around scraping every Ahmadi for the last bit of their financial resources. “The year ends, the year ends”—this is the rhetoric that is spewing from every Ahmadi who is in a leadership position in your Cult. You have Murrabbis running around and asking for pledges, they are saying, “just make a pledge” and then they skate off and make the Qaids sniff for the money trail.

In the last couple of days my cousins have reported receiving text messages, phone calls and emails. Does the organization really need the money that bad? Is the population of Ahmadis rapidly decreasing? Why are you trying to squeeze Ahmadis for every red penny? Is the jamaat in financial turmoil? Is Rafiq Hayat in financial ruin?

And where does the money go? Why is it that you have deliberately hidden the facts about the allocation of charitable funds as collected by your cult? There is a Tajneed (Census) list that exists in every country and every jamaat, and it is like a Social Security Number for Ahmadis. It is basically a list that tells Masroor what Ahmadis have been naughty or nice. You know as to who is paying and who is not, that is how you judge dedication, is it not? Don’t you give promotions based on how much an Ahmadi has donated?

Let my people go!!! You have trapped my fellow Punjabis in a web of payments. Like Malcolm X explained, “these people believe their religious leader as divine, hence the psychology is to ask NO questions and continue the volunteer work.” Ahmadis earnestly believe that they are doing the work of Allah, but it is obvious that this is a fraud.

Do you believe in the Day of Judgement? Why have you pacified Ahmadis with jalsas and ijtemas? Do you wonder why Ahmadis are leaving? The one that cant leave are trapped into your Cult and are forced to pay or be publicly humiliated. We are tired, we are sick, please for the sake of Allah loosen your grip. You have the brainwashed my entire family. I want my brothers and sisters back! My parents are blindfolded, my cousins have been hoodwinked, my friends have been disenchanted, please STOP for the sake of Allah.

The Waqf-e-Jadid Rounds
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Qadiani Ahmadiyya Financial Setup

Collecting from the Poorest of the Poor
The Qadiani Ahmadiyya collect money from the poorest of their poor at the prescribed rates, which combined, total to about at least 8.25% (6.25% + 1% + 1%) of net income. Not even welfare and unemployment benefits are exempt. The provision for exemption is rarely used as writing to the spiritual head (Khalifa) is considered embarrassing. Anecdotal evidence proves that in order to not be expelled, Ahmadis are forced to lie about their income or are forced to work illegally while claiming benefits. Here, we explore this exploitation, and then the strange way the Qadiani Ahmadiyya configure their international finances.
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Qadiani Ahmadiyya Financial Setup
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Nigerian Scholar on Ahmadiyya

Alhaji Sulaiman Aderounmu is the founder of an Islamic organisation, “Itaniji sinu esin Islam” in Ibadan. In an interview with the Nigerian Compass, he said:

Is it true that members of Ahmadiyya cannot pray behind an Imam who is not a member of the society?

It is true that the Ahmadists don’t pray behind an Imam who is not a member of their society and because of this, they are not given the privilege of performing the Hajj pilgrimage except they didn’t indicate in the hajj form that they are Ahmadiyya. . . . (continues talking about theology)

What are Islamic clerics doing on the Ahmadiyya’s case?

Even if a mother give birth to twins, they cannot have the same behaviour and Prophet Muhammed said when the world is coming to an end, there will be 71 different Islamic denominations and it is only one that will be His approved denomination because other denominations are founded because of what the Clerics want to eat.

Nigerian Scholar on Ahmadiyya
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Jordanian’s story about Qadianism

by Amjad Saqlawy

Amjad Saqlawy
Amjad Saqlawy

The beginning of my story with the Qadianis (Ahmadiyya) is from the time when I used to think a lot about the emergence of Imam Mahdi (may Allah Almighty be pleased with him and make us his servants) and I always used to wonder when will he rise to save us all from this injustice that afflicts Muslims around the world. This continued until someone very close to me (soon) from occupied Palestine (whom Allah had returned safely to the bosom of Islam) – a person who was near to my heart and younger by a few years. This person surprised me by the faith he now professed, and told me that he now believes in a person named Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani — a prophet and messenger, a saviour, and the promised Messiah. I told him it is impossible that he arose, and died, and we did not hear about it . . .

I asked to borrow the books he has read, and once I got them, I read them all in two weeks (or even less) — day and night — I was bent on reading those books. I remember, for example, the explanation of Surah Kahf, a part of the ‘Tafseer Kabeer’, ‘nasikh’ and ‘mansookh’ , ‘why we are opposed’, and some other articles. I also read a number of issues of the magazine ‘Al-Bushra’ that is published from Haifa (Kababeer, Israel, which is the first Qadiani centre in the Arab world, and which embraces the so-called State of Israel) . . . this is what I recall . . .

After long discussions with my close friend who Allah had returned to Islam, he said to me, “why do you not pray to Allah and ask Him to show you (istikhara) which way the truth is?”

I said ‘OK’ and that was the catastrophe . . . the Qadianis lure people into their traps in this way . . . through dreams and visions.

I saw in a dream that I am looking at the TV screen and I see a Qadiani mosque and minaret on the local TV channel. I was completely ignorant of the dream and its interpretation – which was that they will penetrate the Arabic media (and this is what happened now when they opened their Arabic channel) – and I interpreted it as meaning that they were on the truth.

I cannot describe that period except that I was almost in euphoria psychologically and mentally that the Saviour of the world has come. Respected readers, it is very strange – for I am very strong in faith and Islamic jurisprudence, and I grew up in the arms of the sheikhs (religious scholars) — and what they did to me was impressive that they were able to brainwash me, and this is where their danger is . . .

Then I went to the (Qadiani) Ameer of the region and pledged allegiance (baiat) and obedience and signed the baiat document and attended a few Friday prayers with them and got to know a few of them. . . .

Then soon after, I began to think

The first thing that get me out of their religion is a hadith of the Messenger of Allah (saw) – that I am the last of the prophets and you are the last ummah — and asked this question to more than one of them, and they were not able to explain it as it is their habit.

Then I looked into their beliefs once again and found it all to be ridiculous interpretations that are not acceptable by any sane person.

When you enter the Qadiani, you have to throw behind your back all the old ideas and start all over again to learn about Islam – Jinn are not Jinn, and the miracles are not miracles, and the fire is not fire, and Adam is not the Adam who we know . . .

Then I thought of the question of the Antichrist (Maseeh Dajjal) – how can the Qadianis say that the Antichrist is the forces of evil in the world, when their false prophet has said that it is obligatory to obey the British. We have a conflict here: if you ask any Qadiani now, ‘who is the Antichrist who will be killed by their Mahdi?’; they will say to you ‘America’. Good, but it was not America in the past that was the force of evil during the time of Mirza the Liar but it was Britain – then how can you say that obedience to the British was obligatory . . . and it was the leader of the forces of evil in the world. And then Britain ended and was replaced by Russia and America, and they were saying before the fall of Russia that the Antichrist is Russia, and then Russia fell, and they said it is the United States and when America will fall, they would say is some other . . . and so on . . .

Then what caught my attention most was – where is the victory that we dream of? where are those promises from the Messenger of Allah (saw) ? God forbid that the messenger of Allah (saw) was a liar in his promises, as the Ghulam (Qadiani) was a liar. I also asked them the same question and they told me the first hundred years will be the victory . . . and I do not remember the rest of the three hundred years, meaning that victory will come after three hundred years. What a nice invitation where we will not get anything but oppression for three hundred years, — this is something really funny . . .

And after realising the serious implications of their books, I looked at them again impartially. I discovered monsters and discovered that Qadianis themselves do not understand their religion, rather they are ignorant of it and do not know a thing about their alleged prophet . . .

This is the summary of my story with the Qadianis.

And I am announcing that I will write a lengthy book that will demolish their webs and it will divide them up – so that my dear friend’s dream comes true: he saw, when he did istikhara before he joined the Qadianis, that I was the imam of the mosque of the Qadianis and a large group of Qadianis were praying behind me; and when I change their direction and they are changing their direction behind me to the one I chose. I ask Allah to be as He wants me, and that He makes me a servant of the Imam Mahdi whose news was given to us by (Muhammad saw) – not the one claimed by the liars. Ameen and enable us all to love Allah and the Messsenger.

Jordanian’s story about Qadianism
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History of Plague And The Character of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

This article is written by a well reputable and intelligent Ahmadi who is known
as “shaki” on our discussion forum.

History of Plague And The Character of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

The bubonic plague that hit India in 1990’s started in central China in mid 19th century.

It stayed in central China for several decades before it spread to the eastern parts of China in later part of 19th century. From eastern China, it spread through ships to the coastal areas of many countries. China lost more than 12.5 million persons to this plague.

In India, the plague first hit the port cities of Bombay, Calcutta, and Karachi. Pune, a city near Bombay was also badly hit. Later, the plague spread to inner parts of India also.

Drastic measures were taken by the Government to contain and control the spread of bubonic plague. Punjab Government order dated 12th February 1897 describes some such drastic measures. To label this order as routine health warning by an Ahmadi was a gross dishonesty. Let us see what the order says and if it is a routine health warning:


The 12th February 1897.

No. 146.- Notification.- In exercise of the powers conferred by the Notification of the Government of India No. 302, dated 4th February 1897, the Hon’able the Lieutenant-Governor, being satisfied that the Punjab is threatened with an outbreak of a dangerous epidemic, namely bubonic plague, and that the ordinary provisions of the law are insufficient for the purpose of preventing such outbreak, is pleased to prescribe the following Regulations for the inspection of persons traveling by railway and the segregation of persons suspected of being infected with bubonic plague, and for other matters ……


Now let us look at Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prophesies, predictions and claims.

The plague will come to Punjab (Prophesy made in 1898).

It has been shown above that the Government of Punjab knew of the imminent arrival of plague in February 1897 and had issued special emergency orders to cope with that. Mirza Sahib’s prophesy was a deceptive attempt to impress those who were not aware of the Governments prediction.

The plague is sent by Allah in support of Mirza Sahib’s Prophet-hood.

False. Bubonic plague was an ever recurring epidemic that killed millions of human beings over a period of centuries. The Third Pandemic Plague, that hit Punjab during Mirza Sahib’s time started in China in mid 19th century when Mirza Sahib had not even claimed to be a prophet. Could Allah have started punishing millions of human beings even before launching His new prophet? Very unlikely from Allah of Quran but which God did Mirza Sahib believe in?

The Plague was especially sent by Allah to punish the people of Punjab for rejection of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Why is Punjab is facing the onslaught of Plague? For us one of the reason is that God has established a Movement here, and the first people to deny were these and these people gave Fatwa of kufr.” (Malfoozaat vol.3 p.419)

False. While people of Punjab did suffer, the devastating effects of plague were hundreds of times more in China and much of it happened even before Mirza Sahib launched his prophet-hood claims. Even in India, the areas of Bombay and Calcutta suffered more badly than Punjab.

Plague will not go away until the prophet-hood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is effectively established;

The revelation of God that descended on me ….. that God has decided that He will never remove this punishment of Plague unless people remove those thoughts that are there in their hearts that is unless they do not accept the one who is appointed by God and His Prophet, till then plague will not be removed. (Dafe-al-Bala publication date April 1902, RK vol.18 p.225-226)

False. No significant effect on resistance to the false claims of Mirza Sahib took place and there was no significant conversion to his faith. The plague subsided without establishing Mirza Sahib’s prophet-hood. Can Allah’s plans ever fail so miserably?

Quadian will be a safe heaven and Mirza Sahib’s house will be completely immune from plague.

Evidence has been shown that even in Mirza Sahib’s own home people were infected and were ruthlessly thrown out by Mirza Sahib from his alleged safe heaven.


In this small booklet, Dafi-ul-Bala, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has provided enough evidence to declare him a liar and a thoroughly evil person, without referring to any other evidence.

Besides drastic failure of his prophesies, let us examine his character in the light of his claims.

He claims to be a Messiah (a savior) and then wants Allah to kill people indiscriminately to establish his false prophet-hood.

He claims to be a Maseel of Essa Bin Mariyam. Essa (AS) had a reputation of a great healer. Mirza brings death and suffering. And when he finds two of his servants being infected with the disease, he kicks them out of his alleged NOAH’s ARK.

He claims to be the brooze and zill of Holy Prophet Mohammad (saw). The Holy Prophet (saw) is known as REHMAT-UL-LIL-AALIMEEN (a blessing for the mankind). Mirza proves him to be a LAANAT-UL-AALIMEEN ( a curse for the mankind) by praying for plague and when plague arrives, praying for more death and suffering.

History of Plague And The Character of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
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