Acceptance of MGA Prayer

Article # 8 Acceptanced of Promised Messiah – Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad once again.

By: Rashid Jahangiri (2003) All type of perfect and true praise belongs to Allah alone, the Lord of the worlds.


(1) Promised Messiah-Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (PM-HMGA) sahib on the occasion of laying of foundation of Bahasti-Muqbarah (Heavenly Graveyard), Qadian, India, prayed to Allah (swt) that pious and righteous people get buried in this graveyard. Having my conviction that PM-HMGA prayer was accepted as Mirza Mahmud Ahmad khalifa 2 of qadiani jamaat, Mirza Nasir Ahmad khalifa 3 of qadiani jamaat, Mirza Bashir Ahmad the “qamar ul anbiyya” of qadianis did not get buried there despite all the worldly resources at the disposal of their followers, none of them could get buried in the said graveyard.
About three years ago I started saying it clearly and repeatedly to qadianis on internet that knowing that Mirza Tahir Ahmad is not pious and righteous person as he repeatedly lies about millions of conversions every year, in addition to wrong claims and beliefs, and details of his youth days in Qadian, India, etc. He will not get honor of being buried next to PM-HMGA in the Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India.

To assert my point and to make it clear I gave challenge to an active qadiani Mr. Rahgeer, a moderator on qadiani discussion forum, that I will pay US$1,000.00 if Mirza Tahir Ahmad got buried in Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India. I gave the challenge to pay the money to my opponent if I lose, on the tradition of PM-HMGA sahib.

(2) I also knew that Allah (swt) is the Master and He can show His mercy on any sinner and He can forgive that sinner. Example of Prophet Younas (as) nation is clear in Holy Quran. We humans have no choice but to accept the TAQDEER (will) of Allah (swt).

(3) If Mirza Tahir Ahmad had got buried in Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India, the weak-iman people, which qadianis are across the board with out any exception, would consider it as a sign of truthfulness and holiness of Mirza Tahir Ahmad subsequently his claims, beliefs, preachings and policies. As qadianis would have given the argument that Mirza Tahir Ahmad is buried on the side of PM-HMGA.

This would have given rise to another misconception among followers of Mirza Tahir Ahmad.

(4) Yesterday, on 22nd April, 2003, when I came to know through my sources that family members of Mirza Tahir Ahmad have programs to change the casket from wood to glass and in the process of transporting his dead body to Qadian, India, for burial in the Bahasti-Muqbarah. In addition, I heard about wish of Mirza Tahir Ahmad to be buried in Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India. (He also clearly wished that he should not be buried in so called Bahasti-Muqbarah, Rabwah, Pakistan, founded by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, shows that he knew the truth that graveyard in Rabwah, Pakistan has no spiritual value and is just a fraud). Further, I came to know that graveyard in Woking, London, where his wife is buried too, is surround by Muslim population. And it is not possible for qadiani jamaat to provide protection to his grave 24 hours a day, every day of year from getting vandalized by Muslims in the neighborhood. I must admit that all this information was disturbing to me. Not, because I will lose challenge given to qadianis and they will ridicule me, and demand the money. But because burial of Mirza Tahir Ahmad in Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India, would have given another reason for weak-iman qadianis to believe in the wrong claims, beliefs, and teachings of Mirza Tahir Ahamd, and Mirza Mahmud Ahmad. In my this worry, I called Abdul Mannan Omar sahib son of Khalifatul Masih Maulana Noor Ud Din sahib, and explained the whole situation to him.

(5) Today, on 23rd April, 2003, he called me in morning and said: Last night I could not sleep, I remembered your worry, I prayed all night to Allah (swt). I asked Him, even if this is your TAQDEER (will), you can always change your will, if you wish. This morning, I received a phone call. (From his own source). I was informed that there was JUGARAH (heated arguments) among the family members of Mirza Tahir Ahmad. One group wanted him to be buried in Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India. The other group was insisting on his burial in London, as already more than three days had passed, and the body of Mirza Tahir Ahmad started to stink. And he gave me the good news and congratulated me that payer of PM-HMGA was accepted once again, and the Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India was saved from playing host to impure soul of Mirza Tahir Ahmad.

(6) Burial of Mirza Tahir Ahmad in London, shows us worldly resources can not supersede the will of Allah (swt). This also shows the hollowness of qadianis (e.g. moderators of qadiani discussion forum Mr. Dawood Majoka, and Mr. Irmee) excuse of their failure to bury Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Mirza Bashir Ahmad, Mirza Shareef Ahmad. Qadians give the excurse that the reason their “holy personalities” could not be buried in Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India, as there were some security issues involved in transporting the dead bodies from Pakistan to India because of hostilities between the two countries.

(7) This fact of failure of burial of Mirza Tahir Ahmad in Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India, should be a clear sign to those qadianis who have an iota of honesty in their hearts and iota of light in their eyes.


Acceptance of MGA Prayer
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Murder of Fakhr ud Din Multani



Fakhar Ud Din Multani was a true Ahmadi. He left his city and settled in Qadian for Promised Messiah. He was companion of Promised Messiah and owner of Ahmadiyya book store in Qadian. When Abdul Rehman Misri made serious allegations of perversion on Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and demanded their investigations, Fakhar Ud Multani looking at the genuine and justified demand supported him. And showed Mirza Mahmud Ahmad the simple ways to get acquitted from the serious allegations of adultery and perversion. I.e either announce under oath inviting the wrath [of Allah SWT], or appoint an investigative commission that investigates all the allegations and produce its report. Instead disciples of Mirza Mahmud unsuccessfully tried to cover the perversions of Mirza Mahmud by hiding behind the provision of requirement of four witnesses in case of adultery in Islam.

Then Abdul Rehman Misri sahib, Fakhar Ud Din Multani sahib and their friends openly challenged Mirza Mahmud:
“We have heard you [Mirza Mahmud Ahmad] mentioned about four witnesses to people. Although you did not mention it to us. If this is true, then you get ready for this. We will produce not only four rather many witnesses, other than this we will produce witnesses of women, girls, boys and your own self. If we are unable to produce proofs then you will be acquitted, and we will be humiliated in addition we are ready to accept every kind of punishment”.

This was such a situation that those who were presenting excuse of four witnesses were badly caught. Then to get rid of these people, movement was started to punish them to an unbelievable limit by ordering shameless social boycott and in addition murdering them. How shameless was social boycott of Fakhar Ud Din Multani?

An estimate can be made from the extremely agonizing posters (leaflets) that he addressed to Jamaat [Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam headed by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad in Qadian].

Just read a portion of these posters and make an estimate of official terrorism of Ahmadiyya Khilafat in Qadian:
“In announcement of my expulsion the punishment that was announced included conversation, salutation, messages with Fahkar Ud Din are prohibited. But the practical explanation includes:

(1) Boycott of my wife and my children is also made, just because they are my children.
(2) [Cow] milk of my infant and sick child is snatched, in his crime that he is my child. (One arm of this innocent was fractured).
(3) The maid to bath my disabled wife has been stopped from visiting my home
(4) My land lord has been forced to get his rented property to me evacuated.
(5) Many people (numbering more than 20) are deputed twenty four hours around my home to harass and torture me and my family members.
(6) Ahmadi shop keepers have been prohibited to sell provisions of daily livings to me.
(7) Scheme to boycott my business has been made in order to reduce me to poverty and make me financially disable. (8) Out side the exterior windows of my house young men are deputed 24 hours. Some of them take their cloths off and stand absolute naked when we turn on the precautionary flash light.
(9) My innocent children have been refused to get education in school and they have been expelled only because they are my children.
(Reference: “meary purisrar akhraj kay illan kee haqiqat” [Translation: Reality of announcement of my unexplained expulsion] Published: July 1937).

The issue did not stop with inhumane social boycott. Instead of adopting a sensible, decent way to acquit himself from the allegations of adultery, Mirza Mahmud started delivering inciting sermons to get his accusers out of his way. In show of his terrorism inside Qadian, Mirza Mahmud gave many sermons.
Excerpts of few of them will explain the truth:

(1) Some of you stand and make speeches that we will die but won’t tolerate insult of Movement [Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam headed by mirza Mahmud Ahmad]. But when some one starts criticizing it, you people start looking on the other side.did such attitude ever benefited any nation? Brave is the one, who if decides to kill and after killing if he gets caught, then bravely speaks the truth. Decent and rational ways are only two
(Publication: ‘Al-Fazil’ Qadian June 5, 1937).
(2)If you posses honor equal to the size of sesame seed and you honestly hold this faith that enemy should be punished then either you will be eradicated from this world or you will eradicate those who use profanities. If any human being thinks he has the courage to commit murder then I will challenge him: Oh, shameless! Why don’t you step forward and go and break that mouth [who use foul language against Mirza Mahmud Ahmad]?
(Al-Fazil, June 5, 1937).
(3)In the color of victimization, if a person gets hanged instead of life sentence, we will consider it an act of honor (Al-Fazil, July 11, 1937).
(4) On August 6, 1937 Mirza Mahmud delivered extremely inciting sermon. It is better instead of quoting ‘Al-Fazil’ to quote the court remarks of Lahore High Court Judge, as in reply to the sermon reply of Fakhar Ud Din Multani is quoted by the court herself.
Judge of the honorable court wrote: On July 23rd Kalifa delivered a sermon that was later published in the official organ of Jamaat ‘Al-Fazil’ on 1st August. In his sermon he attacked on those gentlemen who left the Jamaat. He used such words that about them I am forced to say that they were unfortunate and tragic.

The result of this was that Fakhar Ud Din who was the secretary of the association, whose president was Sheikh Abdul Rehman Misri, wrote the reply, in that he said, This is the reason we are repeatedly demanding from Jamaat to appoint an independent commission.

So that we can present in front of commission all the issues, witnesses and super secretive facts, and decision is promptly made that whose family is ‘center of vulgarity’ or otherwise that is the case what Khalifa has said in his statement ( Decision of Honorable Lahore High Court F. W. Ckemp , Honorable Judge of Lahore High Court. Dated September 23, 1937).

In the result of these inciting sermons on August 7, 1937 victim Fakhar Ud Din Multani sahib was attacked by Mr. Aziz Ahmad, an Ahmadi with a sharp object. He was transported in wounded condition to Gurdaspur Hospital, where on 13th August he passed away. (To Allah we belong and to Him we return).

In broad day light in presence of many people Fakhar Ud Din Multani was murdered. But all the eye witnesses of the incidence were intimidated and stopped from giving their testimony in the court of law. Just the way when any landlord in a village gets some one murdered and then intimidates all the villagers as a result of this every villagers shows no knowledge of the incidence to save his life. Dr. Ghor Baksh Singh M.B.B.S. clinic was in the bazaar where the murder took place. He did not get pressurized by the Jamaat’s pressure. Therefore his testimony sent the murderer to his death.

Mirza Mahmud’s viciousness and ruthlessness was not limited up to here. After getting him murdered, adulterer Mirza Mahmud took revenge from the corpse of Fakhar Ud Din Multani. When his corpse was brought to Qadian, the laborers who were hired to dig grave were stopped from digging the grave. Bricks for the grave were not given. Carpenters were stopped from making wooden casket for the corpse. Some Muslims visitors from outside performed the funeral prayer and gave the proof of humanity. And in presence of Qadian’s offical terrorism their all claims of humanity were striped naked. On the one hand this was the scene of viciousness and ruthlessness, and on the other hand Mirza Mahmud after the murder of Fakhar Ud Din Multani severed his link with the murderer.

So, according to Al-Fazil in Qadian Mirza Mahmud gave statement: No doubt act of Mian Aziz Ahmad sahib was against Shariah [Islamic Law] and I declare it bad.

But this deceptive statement was lie by an adulterer to save himself from the crime of getting some one murdered. On the inside every effort was done to save this murderer. As a proof of this an image of letter of ‘Nizarat Amoor-I-Ama, Qadian’is presented at the end. According to this Jamaat did every effort to save murderer Aziz Ahmad from the punishment. In this regard all responsibility was handed over to Maulvi Fazal Deen and Mirza Abdul Haq was appointed as counsel.

Despite this death penalty was given to the murderer. When carcass of Aziz Ahmad was brought to Qadian a huge funeral procession was taken out. Mirza Mahmud himself led the funeral prayer. He was declared ‘martyr of Ahmadiyyat’. Infact he was ‘Martyr of Mahmudiyyat’.

The murderer was given Jamaat funeral (equal to state funeral in a country). Mirza Mahmud Ahmad himself led the funeral prayer. His register of virtues had only one virtue that he murdered the person who with proofs was accusing Mirza Mahmud of ! adultery, and his this act was an effort to acquit Mirza Mahmud from these allegations.

Today time is proving that neither Mirza Mahmud was acquitted from the charges of adultery nor blood of Fakhar Ud Din Multani was wasted. Today all those facts that were made secret, through the Internet are coming in front of the world. World is watching that those who think they are undefeatable in the battle of arguments and are ready to take oath inviting wrath of Allah SWT on minor issues, these Qadiani Caliphs (E.g. see Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s challenge on 60 subjects) become mute and go to sleep when they are challenged to give statement under oath with invitation of wrath of Allah SWT to acquit his father Mirza Mahmud Ahmad from the allegations of adultery. Is there any one in the progeny of Mirza Mahmud who in order to acquit him from allegations, take an oath the way Mirza Tahir Ahmad took oath on 60 points in his mubailiah challenge. Only one oath on one point is demanded.

Oath for! the acquittal of allegations of adultery on Mirza Mahmud Ahmad——————Is there any one in the ‘Khandan-I-Khilafat’ (family of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad) who is a brave man and has courage and is ready today! Image of ‘Khat Nizarat Amoor-I-Ama, Qadian’
[Translation: Administrative memo of department of general affairs, Qadian].

On the one hand Mirza Mahmud gave the statement about the murderer of victim Mr. Fakhar Ud Din Multani sahib, murderer Aziz Ahmad that what ever he did is against the Shariah. On the other hand to protect his against the Shariah act and in effort to save the murderer on the Jamaat level legal help was provided.
One proof of it is the letter issued by the ‘Nizarat Amoor-I-Ama, Qadian’.

This has signature of Zain-ul-Abideen, who was brother in law of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and uncle of Mirza Tahir Ahmad. Along with image, the text of this letter is also presented.

Dear Maulvi Fazal Deen sahib
Asalam Alikum
The complete responsibility will be given to you for the case filed against Aziz Ahmad.
Mirza Abdul Haq has been appointed to represent.
Probably, tomorrow Challan will be filed.
You start preparing the case so no that deficiency is left in the case.
Wasalam Sincerely,
(Signature) Zain-Ul-Abideen September 8, 1937.

Joe Chup Rahey Ghee Zaban-e-Khanjir, Lahoo Pukarey Gha Asteen Kah’
(Translation: If the tongue of dagger is mute, the blood of sleeve will shout)

Murder of Fakhr ud Din Multani
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Molnar from Hungary

Article # 2: (We have received the following Email from a reader in hungary, who wanted to share his experience with the world.) National General Secratery of jamat Ahmadiya Mahmoodiya HUGNRY resigned from hos post and left the jamaat with describing some fatcs.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at
September 16, 2002,
Szombathely Genfer Strasse 11 D-60688
Frankfurt am Main

It must be very unpleasant news to you that I, Miklos Molnar, General Secretary of the Ahmadi Jama’at in Hungary, have come to the firm conviction that by serving the so-called ‘Ahmadiyya Movement’ I do not in any sense serve the cause of God.

This conviction of mine was formed out while I watched your missionaries live and work, eat and pray, deal with people and everyday problems. Although these Pakinstanis are capable to speak about ‘God’ for twenty-four hours without taking breath, they couldn’t impress me for a moment as being men of God. Small-minded, mistrustful, paranoid, uneducated yet conceited, these men appeared to me as rude colonizers, or as professional technicians of indoctrination at the most. I realized rather fast that they don’t make friends because they love people. They never make friends for the sake of getting acquainted with someone. Suspucious and destructive as they are, they want to force out of mind, out of sight, anything or anyone opposing their ‘truth’. If they are interested in anyone, it’s for nothing more than to have raw material to be duped and brainwashed into their alleged ‘religion’. Indeed, their conduct reminds one of the behaviour of the worst kind of colonizers. Not knowing anything about my country or about my people, they want to occupy it, take advantage of it, exploit it, ‘convert’ it – in the name of what? In the name of a fake religion. In the name of the Big Business ‘Ahmadiyya’.

The longer I watched these narrow-minded missionaries, the more I began to feel that something must be amiss with this ‘movement’ of yours. I can smell a rat, you know. Working inside me, there’s a fine precision instrument which I call deceptograph. It didn’t leave me alone until I decided to check on what I had been told about Mirza Ghulam of Qadian, the founder of your movement. (According to the Hadith Seeking knowledgeranks higher than worship.) It turned out in a flash that most of his writings have been handled as strictly confidential to be kept a long distance away from the common followers of the ‘Ahmadi’credo.Having looked a bit into Mirza Ghulam’s life, teachings, prophecies, statements and deeds, I was horrified: how could a sane person believe that this man was a prophet of God? How could I believe in such an atrocious lie?

You have bamboozled me, gentlemen. I have been as gullible as an old supertitious peasant woman living in some godforsaken village to give credence to your nasty tricks and mendacities. Now I can see clearly that you, at daggers with the whole world, are peddling a most terrible hoax. The whole edifice of your movement is built on a big fat lie. The caliphate of yours that had been created with fraudulent references to the alleged ‘Promised Messiah’ is absolutely illegitimate. The ‘Ahmadis’, or rather their leadership, cheat, manipulate, brainwash people all over the world. In the name of ‘true religion’, prisons are built around misguided followers, exploiting and misusing their spiritual and, last not least, financial resources. That is a crime against Islam. That is a crime against mankind.

I can tell you only this much: I’m not going to be apprentice boy of, or headhunter for, crooks like you. Hereby I declare my final decision that I resign from the position of General Secretary of the Hungarian Ahmadi Community for good. I quit your movement once and for all. I’m not willing to identify myself with you any longer. I do not serve what you serve, nor are you serving what I serve.

Miklos Molnar

Molnar from Hungary
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An Interesting Mail

Article #6 : An Interesting Mail

Asslam o alaikum!

I read your mail from top to bottom, I feel sorry for your suffering and pain that you had due to your marriage with ahmadi lady. There are many other people who had same kind of feelings due to mismatches in all over the world regardless of faith, nationality and family.
I am sorry to say that your letter is not based on any religious or logical facts but anger. Before I write my answer I would like to make it clear that I am a humble ordinary not a molvi , there is no body in my family who is or was molvi. We have non ahmadi relatives with very good relations.

Let me ask you who put restrictions about not marrying a non ahmadi (male or female). According to my knowledge it is Hazrat Promised Messiah A. S. and his Khalifas. Does it mean that none of them has read that verse of Holy Quraan or does not know the meanings as you know.

There are two things
1) To make something lawful means if need comes one is allowed to do that.
2) To do something as a matter of routine.

These two situations are totally different and without understanding there difference one cannot understand good behind these restrictions. The holy Quraan has mentioned difference of these two situations in the following sets of verses.

5: 6. This day all good things have been made lawful for you. And the food of the people of the Book is;lawful for you. And your food is lawful for them. And lawful for you are chaste believing women and chaste women from among those who were given the Book before you, when you give them their dowries, contracting valid marriage and not committing fornication, nor taking secret paramours. And whoever rejects the faith, his work indeed is vain, and in the Hereafter he will be among the losers.

2:222. And marry not idolatrous women until they believe; even a believing bond women is better than an idolatress, although she may please you. And give not believing women in marriage to idolaters until they believe; even a believing slave is better than an idolater, although he may please you. These call to Fire, but Allah calls to Heaven and to forgiveness by HIS will. And HE makes HIS Signs clear to the people that they may remember.

60: 11. O ye who believe ! when believing women come to you as Refugees, examine them. Allah knows best their faith. Then if you find them true believers, send them not back to the disbelievers. These women are not lawful for them, nor are they lawful for these women. But give their disbelieving husbands what they have spent on them. Thereafter it is no sin for you to marry them, when you have given them their dowries. And hold not to your matrimonial ties of the disbelieving women, but should they join the disbelievers, then demand the return of that which you have spent; and let the disbelieving husbands of believing women demand that which they have spent. That is the judgment of Allah. HE judges between you. And Allah is All-Knowing, Wise.

60: 12. And if any of your wives goes away from you to the disbelievers, and afterwards you retaliate and get some spoils from the disbelievers, then give to those believers whose wives have gone away the like of that which they have spent on them. And fear Allah in Whom you believe.

By combining these two statements

To merry a woman from people of book is lawful but do not do that as a matter of routine. Instead to merry a believing woman is far better.Same thing applies to food. It is just like saying that it is lawful to give roast chicken to one year old baby but do not do that. As a matter of fact a point of great wisdom has been explained.

That is the same restriction Hazrat P. M. (A. S.) and his Khalifas has put on the members of jamaat and that restriction is in absolute benefit of members. Neither Hazrat P. M. nor any of his Khalifa has ever said that it is not lawful for you to merry a nonahmadi. Instead they said do not merry a nonahmdi. There is large difference between these two statements as mentioned in above two verses. So there is nothing that is contradictory to the teachings of Quraan.

I understand that you got hurt by an ahmadi lady you married but how about those millions of ahmadis who are living happy and successful marrital life as a result of marrying an ahmadi and there wives are playing tremendous role in training there on the right course who are real asset of our jamaat that was impossible to achieve without efforts of those women.

If our Jamaat males keep on marrying nonahmadi or nonmuslim women and leave there women on the mercy of nonahmadis or muslims what do you think will be the fate of jamaat. Everyone so far who has written in support of marrying a nonmuslims or nonahmadis has supported only one thing “INDIVIDUALISM”. I haven’t read a single argument weak or strong where they have considered Jamaat’s fate.

May Allah be with us all.
Wasslam Naeem Ahmad
New York USA

— Jammu Press
Wa Alaikum Salaam
. [Moderator, do not restrict this post, because I am quoting Qur’an]. The Jamaat cannot restrict Muslim men from marrying outside of the Jamaat, because to do so would violate the teachings of the Holy Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an says that Muslims can marry the “People of the Book,” doesn’t it? Here is the verse: “This day all good things have been made alwful for you. And the food of the People of the Book is lawful for you. And your food is lawful for them. And lawful for you are chast believing women AND CHASTE WOMEN FROM AMONG THOSE WHO WERE GIVEN THE BOOK BEFORE YOU, when you give them their dowries, contracting valid marriage and not committing fornication, nor taking secret paramours. And whoever rejects the faith, his work indeed is vain,and in the Hereafter he will be among the losers.”(The Holy Qur’an, revealed by ALMIGHTY ALLAH, to the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Suratul Maidah, Iyyat 6”) So I’m wondering why on earth people keep claiming that the Jamaat can overrule what Allah Himself says. How is that possible? If we make such rules, the sunnis will RIGHTLY claim that we have a new religion and a new book.I married a SO-CALLED Ahmadi Muslim women who GAVE ME HELL for 6 straight years. She wore a veil, and those who know my story KNOW that she was hell on earth. Those 6 years ended in divorce.

But now I am married to a woman who WAS NOT an Ahmadi Muslim when I met her. She was an Episcopalian Christian. I marred her because she was God fearing. And guess what? After we got married, eventually she accepted Islam and Ahmadiyyat. And we have been married successfully for 14 straight years WITH ONLY ONE ARGUMENT (which, incidentally, was my fault. Naturally, I apologized.) So these kinds of restrictions that I keep hearing have nothing to do with what ALLAH says. Besides, the question I have is if it is so much better to marry a so-called Ahmadi Muslim women who wears a veil and all that, then WHY did people in the Jamaat arrange a marriage for me with a woman who was PURE HELL? Why? After I married her, I discovered that Ahmadis had been HIDING her past from me, before we got married. Everybody was telling me how great she was, and I believed it. But one brother–Abdul Karim of Chicago–WARNED me about her. But I didn’t listen to him because everybody else was telling me the opposite thing. After marrying her, we fought EVERY WEEK for 6 straight years until I almost lost my mind.

She was the “Muslim woman” who was SUPPOSED to be so great. She was the “Ahmadi Muslim” who wore the veil. Yea, right! Allah knows what he’s talking about, and HIS criteria is RIGHTEOUSNESS, not a label. My so-called “Ahmadi wife” had the LABEL of “Ahmadi Muslim.” And she wore a veil EVERY DAY. But, as I came to find out, she wore it because it was A STYLE, not because of any real righteousness on her part. Am I lying? Well, where is she? After we broke up, she did not return to the Jamaat. That’s been since 1982. She no longer wears the veil. She moved in with her BOYFRIEND, and all that. But the current wife I married WAS NOT an “Ahmadi Muslim” when I married her. In fact, I told her, “If you wish to remain Christian, that’s your business, because we are allowed to be married according to Islam.” But after we got married, she took books from my library and read them. I NEVER preached a word to her. She read the books of the Promised Messiah ON HER OWN without my saying anything. And she accept the Promised Messiah and signed biat.

Now, my previous SO-CALLED Ahmadi wife, for the entire 6 years of our marriage NEVER READ A SINGLE BOOK ABOUT AHMADIYYAT. I’d put the books on the table for her to read, and she WOULD NOT read them.

Oh, but she had the COVER! Yea, she had the STYLE! Yea, she had the veil and all that. I sent her to Pakistan TWICE to go to Jalsa Salana, and guess what? When she came back, the ONLY thing she talked about was how much GOLD she bought while she was there! She had nothing to say about the spiritual gathering of Jalsa Salana. My current wife is what we Ahmadis call “inactive,” because it is too difficult for her to participate, due to her work situation. But this so-called “in-active” Ahmadi Muslim woman has stood by my side for 14 straight years [Last month became the 14th year of our marriage]. So this stuff about “Ahmadi Muslim women” IS NO GUARATEE OF ANYTHING WHATSOEVER. It’s all a matter of what is INSIDE of that individual. Certainly the chances of having a happy and long-lasting marriage are much better with an Ahmadi Muslim woman. I readily admit that. I’m not a fool. I realize that. But, it cannot be written in stone that marriage to a so-called “Ahmadi Muslim” woman assurres a happy life. Yes, the Jamaat needs to stick together and grow from within, and I understand all that stuff. It make sense to a degree, especially with families that have generations that go back in time to the Promised Messiah even. But we CANNOT ignore basic stuff that Allah says in Qur’an. I ain’t some perfect person–far from it. But this stuff is just BASIC. We can’t go telling people that they cannot marry non-Ahmadi women of the Book. Now, if ANY maulvi wants to make an issue of this, then DO SO. Because you’ll be fighting with Allah, not me.

Your brother,
Abubakr Ben Ishmael Salahuddin,
author of The Tomb of Jesus Christ Website ( ).

Kashif Haseeb wrote:

Plus one thing I want to mention is that It is not only from Jamaat but all religious organizations for example Lutherian Church have same restrictions and if some body wants to marry out of the church to another christian he has to go to the court as Church will not participate in the matrimonial service.
Kashif Haseeb Tampere,

An Interesting Mail
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Baba and Baby

Article # 4 – Qadiani Khalifa III story: Marriage of BABA and BABY

Qadiani Khalifa III Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s son Mirza Luqman Ahmad had a LOVE AFFAIR with a young beautiful Qadiani Lady Dr. Tahira (she was student in Fatima Jinnah Medical college, Lahore, Pakistan).

The detail of this affair can be read in a book: Qadianiyyat Aus Bazar Mein by Mateen Khalid.


Mirza Nasir Ahmad was in his LATE SEVENTIES 70’s that one day he saw Dr. Tahira, who was in her EARLY TWENTIES (20’s). Mirza Nasir Ahmad had a CRUSH on her. So, he decided to marry her. In a process to JUSTIFY this marriage where GROOM WAS OLD AND SICK AND IN POOR HEALTH AND BRIDE WAS YOUNG HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, BESIDE BEING 50 YEARS YOUNGER IN AGE, Mirza Nasir Ahmad started making speeches and giving statements and PREDICTIONS/ PROPHECIES that this marriage will bring GLAD TIDINGS/ KHUSH-KHABRAIAN/ BARAKAT etc for his Qadiani Jamaat.
Well, finally the marriage took place. And the newly wed “Happy” couple went to Islamabad in process to get visa for European countries where they decided to celebrate their HONEY MOON.

Now guess what happened: approximately with in a week of marriage Qadiani Khalifa III had a heart attack in Islamabad and he died. In Qadiani Jamaat wife of Qadiani Khalifas are considered UMMAL MOMINEEN (Mother of Qadianis) the same way the wives of Holy Prophet Muhammad saws are considered mother of Muslims. Since wife of Qadiani Khalifa III is MOTHER OF QADIANIS so she was NOT allowed to marry again. As a result a beautiful, fertile age lady, who had all the NORMAL HUMAN FEELINGS had to remain UNMARRIED.

Now lets see the BARAKAT on Qadiani Jamaat as a result of their Qadiani Khalifa III marriage to a more than 50 years younger lady:
(1) Qadiani Khalifa III died with in few days of marriage.
(2) Mirza Tahir Ahmad became the Qadiani Khalifa IV.
(3) Mirza Tahir Ahmad had to leave his Jamaat’s LAST strong hold i.e. in Rabwah and had to run for his life to UK.
(4) Qadiani Jamaat is UPROOTED and BOOTED out of Pakistan, where the Qadiani jamaat had the MOST population of Qadianis in the world.
(5) Qadiani Jamaat got weaker and weaker.
(6) General Zia issued the order XX. That bared Qadianis to call themselves Muslim/ give azan/ call their masjids as masjids etc.
(7) Qadianis from Pakistan got dispersed in the world and Qadiani Khalifa is loosing his grip on them with every passing day.
(8) Qadiani Khalifa IV made the BOGUS claims of millions of convertions every year. It is such a bogus claim that even Mahmudis are ASHAMED of their Qadiani Khalifa.

The only person who is taking advantage of this marriage between Mirza Nasir Ahmad and Dr. Tahira is the son of Mirza Nasir Ahmad i.e. Mirza Luqman Ahmad. He got his LOVER back and he does not have to marry her either.


In my opinion more than 70 years old Mirza Nasir Ahmad married Dr. Tahir in her early 20’s because of one of the following TWO REASONS:
(1) Mirza Nasir Ahmad had gone blind in his LUST for her.
(2) Mirza Nasir Ahmad had gone CRAZY.

Mahmudi (Qadiani) friends any comment!!!!!

Baba and Baby
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Khalifa Sani Allegations

Article # 3

Including the testimonials based on testimonies of Amat-ul-Rashid Begum (wife of Mian Abdul Rahim Ahmad) daughter of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, Mirza Hanif Ahmad son of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, and Sister in Law of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad i.e. wife of Dr. Abdul Latif.

Introduction: Following are extracts of some of testimonials collected and published in the book ‘Tarikh-I-Mahmudiyyat Kay Chand Ahem Magir Posheeda Auraq-Hissa Awal’ (Translation: Few Hidden But Important Pages Of History Of Mahmudiyyat-Part One). Published by Ansar-I-Ahmadiyya.
For the purpose of brevity I am not translating the detail introduction of the witnesses. Rather, just a brief introduction. Also to avoid repeating I will not write the oath that every witness took before recording his testimonial. The oath is combination of sentences like: I swear on the name of Allah SWT who is my creator and creator of universe, He is my master and He is in command of my life and death. If I lie, I invite His wrath on me and my family, If I lie, I and my family may be destroyed etc. Those readers who are interested to read in detail, I refer them to above referenced book.


History of AMII is witness to the fact that MMA never dared to accept these challenges he just tried to ignore them, with the hope that these allegations will die down with the passage of time. He did not even appoint the commission, to investigate the allegations made against his own character. Nor he followed any other course to get him self honorably acquitted of these horrendous allegations. Instead he ordered murder, social boycott, and harassment of those who were questioning his character.

MOMENT OF THOUGHT: AMII and their Khalifas have been propagating for the last 87 years that their Jamaat spreads only Love and Peace. And they take very well care of its members etc. By reading the following testimonials AMII members will see the other horrific side of AMII. Readers will see the cruelty and immorality rampant in the ruling Khalifa family of AMII.

Testimonial Number 1: Today, I again announce through advertisement and challenge Khalifa of Qadian [Mirza Mahmud Ahmad–MMA] if there is one grain of truth in his claims, then he should conduct a ‘Dua-I-Mubailiah’ (Prayer Dual) to acquit himself from the allegations leveled against his character and conduct. So that the one who is liar gets the wrath of Allah SWT and dies in the life time of the other who is true. And the world in the result of this makes the clear judgment between the truth and the false hood.
Former slave of the Caliph of the Qadian, Mian Muhammad Zahid. (Reference: Mubailiah Newspaper).

Testimonial Number 2: I often use to hear from my ‘Sihalian’ (female friends of females) that Mian sahib [MMA] is adulterer. But I could not believe it. My father was a very sincere Ahmadi. Before making any decision he used to ask Hazrat sahib [MMA] permission. My father once asked me to deliver one letter to MMA (at that time he use to live in Kasre-Khilafat, {Palace of Caliph} Qadian), in that he asked for his permission…………. When I delivered letter to him [MMA], he asked me to wait here, and further said, “I will be back, two men are waiting for me outside”. He stepped outside the room and after few minutes after bolting all the rooms behind the room in which I was waiting, entered inside. He also shut and bolted the outside door of this room too. This room in which I was standing was the 4th room on the inside. When I saw this situation, I got scared and started wondering. Then, Mian sahib [MMA] started teasing me and asked me to do bad acts. I refused and resisted. He finally pushed me on the bed and raped me. His breath was stinking, I felt dizzy. He was using foul and vulgar language. Probably, he had drunk some thing that is called alcohol, as his senses were not normal. Then he threatened me, “if you will tell it to any one, it will be you who will be defamed and will get bad reputation, no one will doubt on me”.
Note: Name of the witness is not disclosed at this time. If MMA gets ready for Mubailiah then the name will be disclosed.
Reference: ‘Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Maseeh Mahud) Kee Tahreehroon Mein Mirza Mahmud Ahmad Kee Tasweer (Translation: In the writing of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Promised Messiah), the picture of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad).

Testimonial Number 3: My stay in Qadian is the cause of loss in my faith in Caliph of Qadian. [MMA]. If I had stayed far from Qadian like other Qadiani brothers, then I would not have been exposed to dark secrets of this business group [The Qadiani Khilafat system]. Or if I had built my house in Qadian or if I had accepted the employment of Caliph of Qadian, then I would not have dared to make this announcement …………..
Shaikh Mushtaq Ahmad. Ahmadiyya Dawa Ghar (Ahmadiyya Drug Store), Qadian.

Testimonial Number 4: With my belief that Allah SWT is present and is watching me, I swear on His name, and to swear on whose name and then lie is the work of cursed ones. I give the testimony. I am confident and I have this belief that current Caliph MMA is a worldly man, he is pervert, he is worshipper of luxury and comfort. About his perversion I am ready to take oath whether it is in house of Allah i.e. mosque or Kabbah

Khalifa Sani Allegations
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Misri Mubahila



Hafiz Shaikh Bashir Ahmad Misri was son of Shaikh Abdul Rehman Misri sahib. Shaikh Abdur Rehman Misri sahib was born in a Hindu Family and converted to Islam on the hands of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib. After Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib death, Maulana Noor Ud Din sahib became head of Ahmadiyya Movement started by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib.

[For General Information: Maulana Noor Ud Din was TEACHER of Quran/ Sunnat to many prominent Muslims Scholars of India in his time. These scholars learned Holy Quran Translation and Tafseer from him. Many Muslim Ulama who were opposing Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his claim of Mujjaddid of 14th century had NO opposition to Maulana Noor ud Din sahib. E.g. Maulana Fateh Muhammad Jalanderi, famous translator of Holy Quran was student of Maulana Noor Ud Din. As Maulana Noor Ud Din was a famous HAKIM so many Hakims of India and Pakistan read his Hikmat books, including Hakim Saeed sahib, owner of Hamdarad in Pakistan].

During headship of Maulana Noor Ud Din, Shaikh Abdul Rehman Misri sahib went to Egypt (MISR) to attend AL-AZHAR UNIVERSITY. This is how Shaikh Abdul Rehman Misri sahib came be known as MISRI. When he returned from Egypt, Maulana Noor Ud Din sahib had already passed away and Movement was split in two groups. The split was based on the belief of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad who claimed that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib (nauzubiliah) claimed to be prophet and is equal in rank to Holy Prophet Muhammad saws. Intellectuals of Movement moved to Lahore and started their anjuman called AAIIL.

Their websites are: and

Since Shaikh Abdul Rehman Misri sahib orginally left from Qadian, for Egypt so he came back to Qadian. He was very respected in Qadian and considered very learned man by followers of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad in Qadian. In fact he was so much respected that he was SECOND TO MIRZA MAHMUD AHMAD. He was a TOP member of their Jamaat. Mirza Mahmud Ahmad use to appoint him as the ACTING AMIR OF HIS JAMAAT IN QADIAN, DURING HIS ABSENCE FROM QADIAN. When Shaikh Abdur Rehman Misri sahib got close to Qadiani Khalifa II, he started getting information about IMMORAL LIFE STYLE of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad. He also got some hints that his own son HAFIZ SHAIKH BASHIR AHMAD MISRI, and his own daughter is involved with Mirza Mahmud Ahmad in an IMMORAL/ Unislamic/ Sinful relationship. So, Shaikh Abdul Rehman Misri sahib started investigating it. He interrogated his son also. When he was sure there is such an immoral life style of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad. He wrote him THREE PRIVATE LETTERS asking him to clear his position and reply to all the sexual allegations that was going on in the Jamaat. When after repeated requests Mirza Mahmud Ahmad did not comply, neither he cleared his position nor did Mubailiah with his accusers, so Abdul Rehman Misri sahib went PUBLIC. He did not even care for the honor of his family, his son, his daughter. He wanted to bring into public the real pervert character of Mirza mahmud Ahmad and to SAVE the mission of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib. Shaikh Abdul Rehman Misri sahib went public and in his struggle another member of their Jamaat FAKHAR UD DIN MULTANI sahib joined him.

As a result of this public defamantion and humiliation, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad INSTIGATED his Mahmudi followers to MURDER AND KILL Fakhar Ud Din Multani, Shaikh Abdul Rehman Misri sahib. So, finally a Mahmudi attacked on Fakhar Ud Din Multani and Hafiz Shaikh Bashir Ahmad Misri. As a result of this attack Fakhar Ud Din Multani sahib got seriously wounded with dagger and he died in hospital. Hafiz Shaikh Bashir Ahmad Misri was also wounded, but he servived.

Details of this can be read in article: MURDER OF FAKHAR UD DIN MULTANI on this forum.

Hafiz Shaikh Bashir Ahmad Misri gave sworn statements about IMMORAL LIFE of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad. These statements are published in many book.

Some of them are: Tarikh-i-Mahmudiyyat Key Chand Khufia Mugar Aham Auraq, Sher-e-Sadoom (City of Sodomy), Qadianiyyat Us Bazar Mein etc. Details can be read in articles: NEW BOOKS EXPOSING IMMORAL LIVES OF QADIANI KHALIFAS, and SWORN STATEMENTS on this forum. In 1988 when Qadiani Khalifa IV Mirza Tahir Ahmad played a DRAMA and issued a worldwide Mubailiah Challenge, he also sent a copy of his challenge to Hafiz Shaikh Bashir Ahmad Misri. Reply of Mirza Tahir Ahmad Mubailiah challenge was given by Hafiz Shaikh Bashir Ahmad Misri, in addition he also gave his OWN MUBAILIAH CHALLENGE to Mirza Tahir Ahmad. To this day Mirza Tahir Ahmad NEVER accepted it or even replied to it. MAHMUDIES/ QADIANIS ARE SLEEPING ON IT. THEY STILL OWE ITS ANSWER. This Mubailiah Challnege by Hafiz Bashir Ahmad Misri is published in many books.

It is also available in an article form on the ANTI-AHMADIYYA … website:

SWORN STATEMENTS OF HAFIZ BASHIR AHMAD MISRI and his father: Current Khalifa Mirza Mahmud Ahmad [MMA] is extremely pervert man. He behind the veil of spirituality hunts women. For this purpose he has appointed few men and few women as his agents. Through them he gets hold of innocent girls and innocent boys. He has made a society that has men and women as its members and in this society adultery is committed i.e. orgies and debauchery is committed in a group settings.

Shaikh Abdur Rehman Misri. Maulvi Fazil, BA. Co worker and companion of MMA in his trip to England in 1924. Former acting Ameer of Qadian Jamaat.

(Reference: ‘Door-I-Hazir Kah Mazhabi Amar.
(Translation: Religious Tyrant Of Current Era)).

============== I on oath knowing that Allah SWT is present and watching, say that I have my self with my own eyes seen Mirza Bashir Ud Din Mahmud [MMA] committing adultery. If I lie in this regard then may Allah’s curse fall on me. Shaikh Bashir Ahmad Misri son of Shaikh Abdul Rehman Misri. ==============
The older son of Abdur Rehman Misri sahib, Mr. Hafiz Bashir Ahmad in front of me took Holy Quran in his hands and said these words: Allah SWT should destroy me, if I lie that MMA committed sodomy with me. I swear on the name of Allah, while I am wrting this incidence. Muhammad Abdullah Ahmadi. Cement Furniture House, Muslim Town, Lahore.


Copied from the website:
Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam

1st January 1999
Al Hafiz B.A. Masri
7 Hurst Road East Molesey Surrey KT8 9AQ England
To Mr. Tahir Ahmad Mirza Amir Jamaat Ahmadiyya 16-18 Gressenhall Road London SW18 5QL England

1.Your secretary Mr. Rashid Ahmad Chaudhry, has sent me a letter (undated) by Recorded Delivery daring me on your behalf to accept your challenge of Mubahilla which you gave to the opponents of Qadianism on the 10th June 1988. This letter, along with a copy your challenge reached me on the 5th of August 1988.

2. It gives me great pleasure to accept your challenge and to avail myself of this opportunity to expose the pious fraud of Qadianism once and for all.

3. Mubahilla is a sort of ordeal by prayer in which two parties beseach Allah to establish the truth or falsity of matter under dispute. Since Mubahilla is a grave matter of utmost solemnity, it is expedient that we should settle its articles and convenants directly between the two of us instead of negotiating through our secretaries to avoid any possibility of ambiguity or incertitude in the final result of it.

4. On page 4 of your challenge you have conceded that those who accept your challenge are free to single out any one clause out of the articles you have listed. I therefore choose to accept the articles which you have written on page 2 in these words: “The second aspect of this Mubahilla concerns the utterly false accusations and the mischieveous propaganda against the Ahmadiyya community.”

5. Since my accusations are about matters of moral turpitude and sexual promiscuity of a nature which is not generally thought fit to be mentioned to ears polite, it needs to be explained as to why I feel justified and morally obliged in making these immodest accusations as issue for this ‘Mubahila’.

6. Normally no individual has a right to sit in judgement on another individual. However when a person assume a position of trust and moral responsibility he becomes personalized as an institution and forfeits his prerogative as an individual. In any civilized society, Doctors of Medicine, School Teachers, Office Bearers of Destitute Homes and Orphanges, the functionaries of all such institutions become open to moral and ethical censorship, in addition to Statutory Law. One of the reasons why religious charlatans and impostors remain unconstrained from the exploition of simple and gullible people is that the Governments of Secular States do not feel inclined to interfere in matters spiritual. It is left to society at large to regulate the affairs of their respective religious institutions and establishments.

7. My second justification is that your Qadiani clique started violating the civilized norms of sexual ethics not as individuals but as an institution in the name of Islam. Stop calling yourselves as Muslims, give yourselves any appellation as a new religion and Muslims will gladly leave you alone.

8. My accusations are not against the generality of the Qadiani community. There are many among them who believe in the Qadiani doctrines honestly and sincerely, albeit mistakenly. We do not start kicking against the people of other faiths on the grounds of doctrinal differences. It is only when their lifestyle becomes a menace to the ethical fabric of a society that people put their foot down. If there are degenerates in this world who are willing to sacrifice the honour and chastity of their womenfolk and young boys out of devotion to the religious thugs, good luck to them. However the moot point of contention arises when unsuspecting and innocent victims fall prey to such deceits. In that situation you feel justified in shouting from the roof-tops: Snake in the grass!

9. It is with this sence of moral responsibility and genuine solicitude that I accept your challenge of Mubahilla to establish whether the following accusations are true or false. MY CLAIM THAT THEY ARE TRUE IS BASED ON MY PERSONAL KNOLEDGE GAINED DURING MY LIFE IN QADIAN WHERE I WAS BORN AND BROUGHT UP UNTIL 1937, WHEN I DENOUNCED QADIANISM. THE OATH OF MUBAHILA

10. You shall declare on oath, in the words laid down below, that the under-mentioned statements made by me are false to the best of your knowledge; and I shall declare oath in the same words that they are true to the best of my knowledge:

11. “I Mirza Tahir Ahmad (Son of Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmoud Ahmad s/o Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement), the present Amir of the Qadiani section of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, declare it on oath in the name of Allah that to the best of my knowledge, the under-mentioned statements made by Al-Hafiz B-A Masri, s/o Sheikh Abdul Rahman Masri, are false and that I have no knowledge to the effect that they are true. I pray and beseech Allah that in case I am perjuring myself by willingly uttering this false evidence while on oath, I may be cursed by Allah and die within one year from the date of uttering and signing of this oath in the presence of six witnesses, three of whom shall be selected by me and three shall be selected by the said Al-Hafiz Basheer Ahmad Masri.”
Signed by: six witnesses Signed by Mirza Tahir Ahmad .

12.”I, Al-Hafiz Basheer Ahmad Masri (s/o Sheikh Abdul Rahman Masri), declare it on oath the name of Allah that, to the best of my knowledge, the under-mentioned statements made by me are true. I further declare it on oath in the name of Allah that Mirza Tahir Ahmad, the present Amir of the Qadiani section of the Ahmiadiyya Jamaat knows that they are true. I pray and beseech Allah that in case I am perjuring myself by wilfully uttering this false evidence while on oath, I may be cursed by Allah and die within one year from the date of uttering and signing of this oath in the presence of six witnesses three of whom shall be selected by the said Mirza Tahir Ahmad.”
Signed by: Six Witnesses Signed by Al-Hafiz Basheer Ahmad Masri. THE ADJURATIONS OF MUBAHILA

13. I, Al-Hafiz Basheer Ahmad Masri, give this evidence on oath in the name of Allah that: Your father, Mirza Basheer ud-din Mahmoud Ahmad (the eldest of the three sons of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who was the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, the Second Khalifa of the Qadiani section of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at) was a debaucher, fornicator, adulterer and incestuous i.e. guilty of habitual sexual intercourse even with women of near kin who are declared by not only the Islamic Shari’ah but also by all scriptural religions as inviolable (Haram). Your paternal uncle, Mirza Basheer Ahmad ( the second of the three sons of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) was a homosexual with a great sexual propensity for young boys. Your paternal uncle, Mirza Shareef Ahmad (the third of the three sons of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) was a homosexual with a great propensity for your boys. Your elder brother, Mirza Nasir (s/o Mirza Basheer- ud-Din Mahamoud Ahmad, grandson of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and the third Khalifa) was a fornicator and homosexual. Your maternal grand-uncle, Mir Muhammad Ishaque (brother of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s wife) held an oligarchial and celebrated position in the Qadiani community and was honoured with the title of Muhaddith, i.e. authority on Hadith (Sunnah and Tradition). He was a homosexual. As the man-in-charge of the orphanage in Qadian, the young orphan boys were helplessly at the mercy of his perversions.

14. I could go on listing many more names of people who held very high positions in the Qadiani Establishment, using their prestige and power to gratify their sensuous and perverted desires free of moral censure. However the real reason for writing these sordid details, even though it is an obscene subject, is to refute your assertion that the accusations are utterly false” and a “mischievous propaganda” against the “Ahmadies” while you know fully well that they are true.

15. As it is, I have confined the list of people in the above accusation to the Mirza family only in order not to confiuse the issue and thus to leave any loop-hole in it for to wriggle out of this Mubahila. Even within the Mirza family, I have left out many names of the second and the third generations for the same reason. The main reason for not including women of this family in this list is out of comassion. Although some of them have played a very active and willing role in this abomination and fraud, I consider them by and large as being the victims rather than the cluprits. Most of them had no choice and deserve pity.

16. The circumscription of the period of Mubahila to one year is meant to achieve definitive verdict of Allah. Leaving it open to generalities and to an unspecified period as you have done in your challenge, would leave the outcome of the Mubahila inconclusive. However, I am open to suggestions by you for any alteration in the span of time.

17. In case you try to seek shelter under the plea that you cannot vouch under oath for the good or bad moral conduct of those who are dead, I would point out that you have already agreed in principle to do so, on page 8 of your challenge in these words: “Since the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement is no longer in this world and it is neccessary that there should be a party to represent him, I and the Ahmadiyya community declare it with all our hearts and without any scruples that we accept this challenge of Mubahilla on his dehalf.”

18. If you are prepared to accept the challenge of Mubahilla on behalf of your dead grandfather, there is no earthly reason why you should not be able to accept a similar Mubahilla on behalf of your dead father, dead uncles and dead brother.

19. Apart from this the moot point at issue on which I am accepting your challenge of Mubahilla is not that you should represent your ancestors mentioned in paragraph 13. Your are being put on oath to vouch for yourself whether or not it is within your knowledge that your ancestors named in that paragraph were morally depraved and sexual debauchees. The reson why it has become necessary to drag these obscenities into the open is to prove that you as the head of a so-called religious denomination, know all these facts to be true and yet you are hypocritically misleading your followers and others and perpetuating the fraud of Qadianism in the name of Islam.

20. I hope you will appreciate that, by accepting your challenge of Mubahillah. I am giving you a unique chance of proving once and for all that my accusations are false. What you have to do is simply to declare on oath, in the words prescribed above in paragraph 11, that you have no knowledge that my above-stated accusations in paragraph 13 are true. I assertively insist that you know without a shadow of doubt that my accusations are true, so much so that on my part I am prepared unhesitatingly to stake not only my cerdibility but my life as well on it. More than that I am prepared to lay myself open to the eternal curse of Allah on myself, in case I am wrong or uttering a falsehood.

21. Mr Tahir Ahmad! Let us take our case to the Court of Allah, the Supreme Judge of the Universe and leave it to him to adjudge between us.
Signed: B.A. Masri. Al-Hafiz Basheer Ahmad Masri.
P.S. Since there are millions of Muslims who do not know Urdu,I would request you to do all your correspondence on this subject in English, which can be translated later into Urde, Arabic and other languages.
B.A. Masri.
BY REGISTERED POST To Mr. Tahir Ahmad Mirza Amir Jama’at Ahmadiyya 16-18 Gressenhall Road London SW18 5QL England.

A REMINDER It is noted that you have neglected to respond to my letter, accepting your challenge of Mubahilla. This was mailed to you by registered post on the 18th August 1988, and two months later there is still no reply from you. In case I do not receive a reply from you within two weeks, I shall have to make it known to the Muslim world that your challenge of Mubahilah was nothing more than a cheap con game and a confidence trick at which you people have become quite adept.
I would like to make this point clear that, until the oath of Mubahila has been pronounced and Allah’s Judgement has been invoked solemnly by both the parties, the Mubahilah does not become operative. I have to request you, in your own interest, not to try to have me killed, as your predecessors used to do when cornered in similar circumstances. Otherwise the consequences for you and your minions would be extremely disastrous.
The whole Muslim world has come to know what kind of people you are. They are getting fed up with your Qadiani fraud in the name of Islam and are not prepared to put up with it any longer. I am still hoping against hope that you would tell me when and how you would like both of us take the oath of Mubahila.

Signed: Al Hafiz Basheer Ahmad Masri.


Misri Mubahila
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For now, I recommend a different approach to maximizing outcomes of a “several-sizes-fit-most” free resume template. I suggest you use a bare-bones resume skeleton, just as a starting point. What you’re trying to find has not many “sample content,” but big come with instructions.

Most my buddies have the same opinion. Probably the persons in my family thinks differently. Actually this member of my family thinks the labyrinth was going against Islam, need not know this has nothing to do with Islam. Politics has nothing to do with Islam. What gachi are doing is harming Islam.

First, having a resume your main is to face out. Any template can make that harder to enjoy. It doesn’t necessarily do that, however in a regarding hundreds and thousands of resumes to a single position, the its likely already against you. Why make them worse?

Forget on the deadline while drafting. To become a pay for essays online college paper writing service pay for essays online uk draft difficult once you obtain into a writing flow. The more intensely you involve yourself the particular process, the more likely you will enter a flow state, able to unleash your creative energies to their fullest possibility. You’ll need to watch the deadline though (as well as crank up the writing help software), a person enter the revising whole process.

When you are sure of one’s stepping on the new ground it would get better to breathe enrolled. Now that you are coping quite well, its the right time to start creating the term papers as quickly as you seem imaginable. The commencing act is to execute is to choose an appropriate topic for custom term papers. Provide you . the essential step for writing an expression paper whilst it can improve chances of fine papers or even just blow it in water completely. Theme should a person the most because job enjoy it the reader won’t also. It is alcohol writing, that you just can to create a writing piece readable for reader; shouldn’t be fun for in order to definitely write.

Rev. Robert Duerr was raised in North Tonawanda, trained for the ministry at cambridge university, and was ordained in the Church of England. He’s served parishes in Cambridge and Yorkshire, England. An artist from early age, Father Duerr holds a masters degree in music by the USC. He was winner of the American Guild of Organists national playing competition. He has conducted in the Metropolitan Opera, at the Juillard School and other national and international orchestra and opera companies.

We will always manipulated in order to suit us, without even being aware of it. Albert Einstein made us aware of this as he gave his famous explanation of is of relativity. When you sit on a hot stove, two seconds can feel as if to seconds. However, when you are in the corporate of your loved one, two minutes can think that two mere seconds. Do we create time?

Professors frequently check for plagiarism. A lot of the time, decline will be very severe if you cheat in this manner. In some schools the first offence will result in suspension from soccer practice. There are several solutions they can check. Obviously, they might notice content articles and another student have papers that too the exact same. Also, there are different software packages programs that scour net to try to get similar text. Many professors make this the 1st step in grading any newspaper.

You in addition be express yourself better in case you are a skilled writer. Get arthritis after breaking find that is quite easy to convey what a person are through writing rather than speaking. Which because you might have more time for think using what you wish to write. An individual make an error in speaking you by no means take back or correct what you said which is already been blurted out. Writing on the contrary gives you the chance to rectify your obstacles. This is why aspiring writers must take the time to pay for a writing center enhance their training. You never know the opportunities that await you in earth should favor to get some writing help and become the best writer can can be a little more.

Smart and practical Method Of Getting Buy Custom Written Essays
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One Click Root Cost Safe

Google Chrome To Phone

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. Unlike Apple’s iPhone, Android smartphones are offered in all pricing and a sizeable amount of features noticable them the most popular ones in the. But are you aware of this great benefit of Android handset? In this post, we are going to deal with best apps that turn your Android phone a versatile expert along with the best Christmas gift.

One Click Root Free Download

When you’re creating online content with blog software or by using Twitter in your marketing efforts, you have enough money to schedule posts to published in the foreseeable future. This way, you are afraid to become a slave in the computer all hours for the day, and can write a small amount of blog posts in 1 day and schedule them evenly throughout the month to even out of frequency.

  • Root My Android Mobile
  • Free Download One Click Root
  • How To Root For Android
  • How Do You Root Your Android Phone
  • How To Root Android Mobile Phone
  • Root Android Phone Online
  • Root Any Android

This could be indeed obtaining app for you to have to ones kid. Unintentionally enable while they were one to play the games, view the themes and most of the opposite things, without disturbing your length of the proceedings. The calls and also the related stuff wouldn’t be interrupted and also the kid can easily enjoy period precisely. So, you need to make sure that you just go for that highly amazing apps for that toddlers usually are worth making a choice on. You just cannot deny the utility you will get once you speak of these amazing android central for the youngsters.

These companies buy mobiles produced by all good companies. An individual do not find your cell phone on the displayed category, then could possibly have make contact with them personally to discover about a person need can do with your used mobile contact.

Ever puzzled if you could possibly root an Android Device using another Android device? Yes, several times but could possibly not realize a way that to urge it to work. Well, that imagination has recently turned to be a true thing an issue introduction of Root Transmission app. Currently being the name implies, you will transfer the inspiration from one device to a totally different using the app, which too during a how do you root easy root root android with computer trouble-free manner. But, there’re some desires you just would in order to match with, however you don’t have to stress if you use one associated with those high-end smartphones accessible within the market. Typically the following guide, we are planning to declare you how to root android tablet using a rooted Android device.

Aloqa uses your phone’s GPS system to locate landmarks and attractions from kingo root restaurants to comedy clubs in your area. It adds extra details for the location, pertaining to instance phone numbers for restaurants and film schedules at cinemas. This app is free.

This free app enables you to keep track of your monthly 3G usage which is supplied in useful should you not have an infinite network use plan. Hand calculators avoid hidden costs is not app.

Should that you’re hungry for a tablet on the opposite hand you? Sony have their S1 and S2 tablets attainable. The S1 contains a 9.4″ screen, when while using Sony S2 having dual 5.5″ screens, the latter like a clamshell design. Either powered by Android 3.0 of course, an individual are use the Sony Qriocity network, you should have associated with a myriad of videos and favorite tunes.

One on the misconceptions of rooting your Android phone is which you can loose everything on your device. Bringing in necessarily valid. In fact, there are a variety of ways to root without loosing files. Some are permanent roots; others remain rooted only until you reboot, when you retreat to the non-rooted state.

Its faster CPU inside faster web-browsing, powerful multi-media data processing and application start-up. Enjoy faster web surfing and contents downloading and sharing with LG-C660’s Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, which is approximately 20% faster than the Wi-Fi 802.11b/g. Now you are share music and videos of your choice with family and friends with Bluetooth 3.0. The 3.5 mm audio jack is outfitted on techniques.

With entire body said, nevertheless no method the Galaxy S3 is among the of the greatest innovations of the year and arguable from the decade. This will not only bring processing power right at your finger tips but also the beauty getting a big phone and actually enjoying it having inside your pocket. It big time but lightweight design in order to to that longer with little of the stress of carrying heavy things in hands. The wider screen also gives the versatility to type in text without worrying about pressing multiple keys at the same time. In finality if you are from search of a brilliant phone, keep in mind this phone and very little else. Quality and reliability inside a small package, well not too small the truth is.

One Click Root Cost Safe
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