Ordering Custom Stamps for ‘Recognition’

The Qadiani Ahmadiyya will go to any length to show that some Western country has given them some recognition.

Even by their standards, ordering $5 custom stamps from the British or Canadian postal service and passing them off as recognition is a new low.  It is as if their 100 years of presence in UK or 100 years of ‘khilafat’ has been recognized by a government and stamps issued by the authority.

Pathetic indeed.  And the pictures below are from Qadiani online publications.  Despite our correction here, these stories will continue to circulate verbally among Qadiani Ahmadiyya families and individuals.  It is such baseless rumours that are the base of the Qadiani Khalifa’s strategy to hold on to his blind followers:



Ordering Custom Stamps for ‘Recognition’
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Vaghela: Qadianis are Conduits for Indian Terrorism

D-1166Shri Shankersinh Vaghela, leader of the opposition of has named Qadianis as the conduit for the financing of Indian terrorism by the RSS.

As it becomes clear that many acts of terrorism attributed to Indian Muslims are actually planned by the extremist Hindu organisation RSS, what is the conduit?  A senior Indian politician blames the Qadianis.

Please recall that in 2010, we presented evidence that 25% of the annual budget of the Qadiani Ahmadiyya International (UK) was being sent to India, and we speculated on the purpose but did not know where.

Are these two facts connected? If anyone has any further information, please send to us.


Stating that the terrorists behind serial blasts at Patna BJP rally had now been found to be Hindus, not Muslims, Vaghela said, “RSS and BJP are financing Indian Mujahideen for carrying out terror acts.”

He further said, “RSS is financing members of Qadianis for terror blasts. It’s a group who claim themselves to be Muslims, but according to mainstream Muslims, they don’t belong to the community.”

Vaghela: Qadianis are Conduits for Indian Terrorism
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Mirza Masroor’s Burqa-Clad Wife? Changing Dress Code of Qadianis

Turkish burqa, Punjabi Pagri (turban), Jinnah Cap and Pathan Cap are the dress codes of the Qadianis.

In a closed cult-like society, these dress codes carry great significance of rank.  There was a time when everyone wore the ‘pagri’ or the turban.  At that time, the distinction of the leader and his bodyguards was that their turbans had a stiff golden dome inside and part of the turban would stand up straight from the head, giving the impression of awe and grandeur.

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Mirza Masroor’s Burqa-Clad Wife? Changing Dress Code of Qadianis
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Ahmadiyya News August 2013

Ahmadiyya news stories, with brief translation in English:


  1. Burglary in Baitul Futooh London in 2009
  2. ‘Shandy’ Shah, Chairman of MTA begs for forgiveness.
  3. Keeping head and beard hair as relics
  4. ‘All my sins were washed away’
  5. The ‘favourite’ female workers of ‘Shandy’ Shah at MTA.

Details below:


The Ahmadiyya place of worship in London, Baitul Futuh underwent a robbery in 2009 while CCTV cameras were being repaired. About £50,000 worth of jewellery and donations were stolen according to Mirza Masroor Ahmad, although the real amount was much higher.

To our knowledge, this robbery was never reported to the police.


Ahmadis have stgarted holding on to the head and beard hairs of the Khalifa as holy relics.

The sister-in-law of Mahmood, a body-guard of Mirza Masroor Ahmad, said that when the Khalifa looked at me from head to toe, I felt as if all my sins had been washed away.


Reliable sources, including a driver, tell us that ‘Shandy’ Shah, the chairman of the Qadiani Ahmadiyya channel, MTA, used to personally interview all volunteers for the TV channel himself, and was involved in affairs with many of them — although he has adult daughters and a daughter-in-law.

According to the Amir of UK said in a private gathering that: A sincere divorcee, Fozia Shah, who had two children named Ghalib and Huma, fell for Mr. Shah and he promised her marriage. When Mirza Tahir heard about this, he asked Mr. Shah and he flatly denied and then expelled her from MTA, ruining her life.

Maria Chen, who is younger than Mr. Shah’s daughter, was treated in the same way.

One girl, Atya Nazir, was asked to come from Pakistan on a student visa. Mr. ‘Shandy Shah’ impregnated her and then forced her to abort, after which the poor girl went back to Pakistan.

No one has filed any complaint with the U.K. police in this matter.

Mr. Shah got his nickname ‘Shandy’ from the BBC police video in which he was involved in a single-car crash and when police suspected that he had been drinking and the breath test was positive, he said, ‘I just a had a shandy’.

Ahmadiyya News August 2013
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Ahmadis as a Separate Nation

This article will present some key points where Ahmadiyyah leadership and even Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has tried to present or asked to be presented Ahmadis as a separate nation then Muslims. Ahmadiyyah leadership were also not in favour of Pakistan until Pakistan became undeniable reality.

Mirza Bashir ud din Mahmood sent a a very loyal English christian messenger to the british government officials to ask them that keep us a separate nation just like Parsis in the census . Although Parsis are 3 lakh and we are 8 lakh. We can present 2 Ahmadis for each parsi.

Najmul Huda. Pg. 18 and 20. (Mirza Sahib used the word “meri qaum” …. meaning “my nation…..”)

According to Munir committee Ahmadis were in favour of “Akhand Bharat” and never wanted Pakistan (al-fazl 15 april 1947)

Mirza Mahmood prayed that Bharat should not be separated. (17 june, 1947), this was addressed after3rd June when Pakistan was already accepted to exist.

In 1901 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad ordered every Ahmadi to enroll themselves as “Ahmadi Musalman”

“It’s mandatory not to consider non-Ahmadis as Muslims” (Anwar-e-Khilafat. pg.90)

“Its haraam to have relations with Muslims” (Anwar-e-Khilafat. pg.94)

“Denying Mirza Ghulam or Muhammad will have the same consequence” (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi  pg.185)

“Your nation is Ahmadiyyat. Why would you look for non-Ahmadis but leave Ahmadis” (malaika tullah pg.46-47)

“My ummat will have two groups. One will be like Christians who will be destroyed and second who will be Mehdviat” (Al-Fazl, 26 Jan, 1914)

“Its our obligation to not to pray behind non-Ahmadis, because they are munkir of prophet of God” (Anwar-e-Khilafat. pg.90)




Ahmadis as a Separate Nation
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State of Rabwah VS. Pakistan

I would like to draw your attention to the serious threat Pakistan faces from this CULT. It is also very important for those living in Pakistan to be aware of their long term plan to own a piece of land they call their home, where they can set their own Government.The preparations have already began and they are closer to making that dream into reality.

Those living in and outside of Pakistan, should pay close attention to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s claims, prophesies and revelations. If you speak to an Ahmadi, they will be quick to recite a revelation pertaining to Lahore; “bloody streams will flow within Lahore and people will say, there used to be a Lahore once”. This revelation (plan) will only come true if they are able to declare Rabwah an independent State for the Ahmadis. We all know the outcome of such action will lead to a major conflict as we have seen between Palestine and Israel. I doubt Mirza Ghulam had any revelations instead he was power hungry and planned how to own a country, his family have been following the plans on making his dream into reality by calling it a revelation. ,,
I do know that Rabwah is already a State within a State, they have piles of ammunition, planning for an airport, a legal system and take over of the water system. They have been able to plant thousands of trees, build malls, hospitals, hotels etc..

They have used every one they could to promote their agenda. They needed the railway line to came through Rabwah, it was my friends grandfather who used his contacts to make it happen. One thing about these Ahmadis is, they quickly forget those who help them, hopefully this will cause their down fall as well. Currently they are using USA, Canada and other western countries to recognize them as the true Muslim leaders and Ahmadiyyat is the true Islam therefore anyone that is not an Ahmadi will be considered non Muslim.. This may seem far fetch to many but this is closer to being a reality then you realize.
We all know what Ahmadis and their Khalifas think of westerners, they believe their women are whores and their men are immoral ,In fact we all know how much they really Hate those they are seeking help from these days.

What concerns me is Ahmadis will regret one day, being a part of this Cult, perhaps it will be too late. All Ahmadis know the reality of their Cult. I ask, would you really like for your Khalifa to have the power Israel have over the Palestinians?? Would you want to turn Pakistan into bloodshed like it is in Palestine??? I bet the answer will be NO. One thing all Ahmadis should be honest about is that their situation is not the same as it is for Jews, they were victims of the Holocaust but you are not. Jews had a legitimate claim where in your case, we all know the truth of why you guys chose to leave the country.
Lets us not help this Cult leaders to create a similar Israeli/ Palestinian conflict in Pakistani/Rabwahian one.
I urge everyone living in USA,to write to your Senators and Congress. As far as people living in Pakistan, ,investigate all terrorist attacks to see if Ahmadi money or person is involved. It is very possible that Ahmadi money is behind,the terror attacks. ,Please do not underestimate these people.

(article by: Munavar)

State of Rabwah VS. Pakistan
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Mirza Masroor’s Abdullah jaangli!


Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (former Prime minister Pakistan) had a private assistant called “Noora” who understood Bhutto’s every move and could also make jokes with him. Successor of religion of Ahmadiyyat, Mirza Masroor Ahmad also has a private assistant like Noora named as “Abdullah Jaangli” and what does he do with Masroor, what secrets does he hold and who likes dislikes him, everything will be unveiled very soon which will also include details about Masroor’s raid on the office of former chairman MTA.


Mirza Masroor’s Abdullah jaangli!
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Ex-Ahmadi Pulls Veil Of Moral Corruption: Ahmadiya Khalifas And family

An ex-ahmadi speaks about the inside stories of ahmadiyya people and leadership that they are mostly homosexuals. He tells even about present khalifa masroor that he saw him in such action

Ex-Ahmadi Pulls Veil Of Moral Corruption: Ahmadiya Khalifas And family
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