MTA Scandal: Serious Threats from ‘Shandy’ Shah to A.K.Shaikh

While we are sorry that the children of  Shandy Shah has to go through his humiliation, they must understand that he has brought it upon himself.  To his credit, Mirza Masroor Ahmad carried out a commando mission by himself and his personal driver/bodyguard and caught him red-handed with alcohol in  his MTA office.

Now that A.K. Shaikh is about to release the scandal involving MTA workers and women etc. – while being careful not to release any personal details – he has started to act viciously and started to send very serious threats (below) – first veiled and then direct.

We have traced the Internet connection back to the UK BT  Home Internet hub/router at two locations – both of which have connections to Shandy Shah. So, if it is not him, it is someone close to him.

Law enforcement authorities are being notified.


First Email:

From: Haiybat Khan <…>
Subject: Fear of Allah

Mohtram Abdul Karim Sheikh Sahib
Assala o alaikum

This is a very personal request as well as purely sincere suggestion which we strongly believe that you should take up with an open mind.

We do know that you are contemplating putting up some adverse and false material made up about the personal lives of some members of Ahamdiyya Jamaat, men and women, who are not even any office holders now, and their personal matters are not going to have any material damage on Jamaat, as you might wish.
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MTA Scandal: Serious Threats from ‘Shandy’ Shah to A.K.Shaikh
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Treatment of women in MTA channel is going to present an article very soon regarding how lajna workers are treated at MTA. How are the forced into physical relations. Shandy Shah who was a top person in MTA, which women were the apple of his eyes? And whoever complained about these issues to Mirza Masroor how they were treated.

If any other person from MTA/Ahmadiyya jama’at would like to add anything about this issue we may be contacted and we guarantee that their identifications will be kept secret.

Lajnaat should come forward to unveil this ridiculous harassment done to them if they want to save their future generations.



Treatment of women in MTA channel
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Guns aimed at Isa AS – part 2

Everytime you present curses of mirza Sahib for Isa AS, Ahmadis get away saying that he was quoting jews. Well, unfortunately that was his own belief.

The righteousness of the Massiah cannot be proved to be greater than that of other righteous persons of his time. The Prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) is rather better than him in one respect.He did not drink wine, and it is never heard that any prostitute anointed his hair with precious oil that she purchased with her Income, and touched his body with her hands or hair, or any young unrelated woman remained in his service.That’s why in the Qur’an God gave to Yahya (John the Baptist) the name “Hasur”, but did not give this name to the Messiah because such stories did not permit to give this name to him (‘Isaas). And then, Hadrat ‘Isa (as) made remission of his sins through baptism administered by Yahya – who is called John by Christians and who was later made to be Elijah. Thus he became a special disciple of Yahya. This clearly proves Yahya’s superiority, because it is not evident that Yahya ever repented on anyone’s hand.”
(translation courtesy br.Miyyan, thanks bro)


and then he went onto saying:
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Guns aimed at Isa AS – part 2
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Prophet or a Patient?

This topic is important specially for Ahmadi people, not to make them feel bad or curse themselves but to think just for a moment out of the box.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad developed severe mental conditions.

It was foretold that the promised one would suffer from two maladies, one in the upper part of his body and the other in the lower, that the hair of his head would be straight, that he would be wheat-coloured, that he would suffer from a slight stammer in his speech, that he would belong to a family of farmers, that, while talking, he would occasionally strike his hand against his thigh, that he would appear in a village called Kada, and that he would combine in himself the office of the Messiah and the Mahdi. And so it has turned out to be. Ahmad, the Promised Messiah as , suffered from vertigo and diabetes; he had straight hair, was wheat-coloured, and occasionally stammered in his speech. He had the habit of striking his hand against his thigh while giving a discourse, and belonged to a family of landowners. He was a resident of Kadian or Kade as Qadian is popularly called. In short, when we consider all these prophecies collectively, we find that they apply to no age but to the present, and to no person but to Ahmad”
(Bashirud din Mahmood : Ahmadiyyat or True Islam – Pg.18 – 19)

—> Not only he suffered from Malaise, hysteria,Melancholia but also Vertigo, excessive urination, stammer and diabetes?

You behold! Hazrat(SAW) had foretold about my illness also which has come to pass likewise: He had said that when Masih will descend from the sky he will be wearing two saffron-colored sheets of cloth. Therefore, same way, I have two diseases, one in the upper part of the body, viz., Hysteromania, and the other, excessive urination, in the lower part”. (Malfoozat-e-Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, Vol. 8, P. 445);

—> Only a person suffering from mental disorder can interpret this hadith with his two mental disorders.
“Hazrat Khalifat-ul-Masih-ul-Awwal said to hazrat promised Masih: “Your Honor! Ghulam Nabi suffers from Melancholia.” The honourable was pleased to reply: “In a way, all the prophets suffered from Melancholia and I also suffer from the same”. (Seerat-ul-Mahdi, P. 304, Vol. 3);

—> A good thing is he was aware of this.

“Doctor Mir Muhammad Ismail Sahib told me that he had heard many times from hazrat sahib, the promised Masih, that he suffered from Hysteria and also mentioned Melancholia. But the truth is that signs of nervous disorders developed in him only as a result of his diligent mental work and day and night preoccupation with literary compositions. These are often seen in patients of Hysteria (and Melancholia) also.” (Seerat-ul-Mahdi, Vol. 2, P. 55);

“This disease, having occurred once in the family, was bound to penetrate into the next off- spring. Therefore hazrat Khilafat-ul-Masih Thani, Mian Mahmud Ahmad Sahib, told me that occasionally, he also got an attack of Hyster-Malaise”. (From: Article written by Doctor Shah Nawaz Sahib Qadiani, reproduced in Magazine ‘Review Of Religions,’ Qadian, August, 1926, P. 11);
The cause of all his troubles such as vertigo, headache, sleeplessness, heart cramps, indigestion, diarrhea, excessive urination and hystermalaise was only one and that was his weakness of nerves“. (From the magazine: ‘Review Qadian, May 1927, P. 26);

Dear Ahmadi followers, what if on the day of judgment, Mirza Sahib stands up and says

“I was just a mental patient but they started believing me”?
Just put a little “WHAT IF….” and think about it.

the choice is really yours!!!


Prophet or a Patient?
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MTA chairman “Shandy Shah” caught driving drunk

MTA Chairman honourable Naseer Shah who is very close to Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib has been caught in a very dangerous accident while drinking and driving.

If the Video/Link does not work then go to Youtube and search ‘Shandy Shah’. (Copy and paste in browser)

Readers are also reminded that the Chairman of MTA was recently suspended from his post due to fraud and wrongfully making money for him from the Chanda money collected from the ordinary Ahmadis in the name of Islam.

He allocated a part of airtime slot from a satellite organisation bought by MTA money for MTA transmission. He resold the slot to a porn industry and pocketed the money.

When the Jamat requested him to buy more airtime from the same setalite company the setelite company got alarmed and called the police and requested for the investigation.

If Mirza Masroor Ahmad sahib discovered this incident earlier like the Jaswal brothers incident during Mirza Tahir Ahmad era, the matter would have been buried and forgotten, but not in the case of ‘Shandy Shah’ (Naseer Shah – Chairman MTA).

The matter is now under police investigation and we probably will here about the outcome of it later.

This is another example of a corrupt family (Mirza &Co.) and their royal corrupt courtiers who are ruling the innocent Ahmadis and enjoying their money collected from the Ahmadi masses, in the name of Islam. Ordinary Ahmadi in UK is on Government benefits and work as a Taxi driver and the Mirza & Co. Families, without doing any work live like a royalty.

A common Ahmadi has to think in his solitary time that who pays for the life style of the Mirza family?


(News courtesy of Br.Miyyan)

MTA chairman “Shandy Shah” caught driving drunk
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Ansar Raza’s confession or denial

In an email discussion, Ansar Raza showed his true colour and used shameful language for one of the people in that group. Out came within the topic the matter of “illegitimate” or “illegitimate” birth of Ansar Raza. team bounded by its manners, gave a hint about our knowledge about his birth and life. Ansar’s reply was somewhat surprising and rather astonishing.

After hearing about our knowledge of his illegitimate birth, he started clarifying that we are wrong and he looks exactly like the person his mother married. Even his family mates have agreed to that. Question arises that if this is a false statement, he could have just said it’s false. He started out giving proofs and even said that he has confirmed about this with his family and he’s not the guy who other people are talking about.

Why couldn’t Jamat-e-Ahmadiyya find any other person instead of him, whose legitimacy is unconfirmed and is at the forefront of all challenges and foul language. I remember having a debate once about the word “Zaneem”, my point was that it means an immoral person but Ahmadis said no it means “illegitimate”, I agree with them, I does mean that.

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Ansar Raza’s confession or denial
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