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Calgary Conference Proceedings | Part 9 | A.k Shaikh

I (Ahmed karim shaikh) born in 1947 and quit this religion in 1997 exactly after 50 years of my birth , I worked for this religion very closely, I’ve been the part of this system. I will not go into the details as you know much about the finality of our beloved prophet Muhammad SAWW, but the most important thing the person who tried to steal the identity and finality of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWW, I’ll tell you about him and you must know about him that who was he, whether mentally he was capable, what he been claimed? what was his status of mind? …

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Ahmadis Keep Hacking & Deleting AKShaik’s Videos!

Ahmadis keep hacking and deleting shaikh sahib’s videos which further proves the point that ahmadiyya is not “love for all hatred for none” its other way around. Hatred for all those who raise questions or criticizes the cruel system of jamaat ahmadiyya. Click the read more link for the video.

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Do Muslims & Ahmadis Have Same Kalamah? (B)

Ahmadis recite the same kalamah which Muslims receite but when it comes to Mohammad pbuh that’s where Muslim have no doubt about Mohammad whereas Ahmadis believe that at the present mirza ghulam ahmad qadiani is Mohammad, Ahmadis believe that Mohammad pbuh came again in this world as mirza ghulam ahmad qadiani, so now in the kalamah Mohammad means mirza. Click the read link to watch the video.

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Special Message To Mirza Masroor Happy Eid To All

AKShaikh sahib has delivered a special message to mirza masroor sahib with eid greetings, shaikh sahib invited & advised mirza masroor sahib to accept Islam and study the Quran, Hadith and then compare the teachings of mirza ghulam qadiani sahib, he also mentioned that once again today his site www.ahmedi.org was hacked which he was expecting and these acts don’t bother him anymore. visit www.ahmedi.org and watch his videos. Click the read link to watch the video.

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