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An Interesting Mail

Article #6 : An Interesting Mail Asslam o alaikum! I read your mail from top to bottom, I feel sorry for your suffering and pain that you had due to your marriage with ahmadi lady. There are many other people who had same kind of feelings due to mismatches in all over the world regardless of faith, nationality and family. I am sorry to say that your letter is not based on any religious or logical facts but anger. Before I write my answer I would like to make it clear that I am a humble ordinary not a molvi …

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Baba and Baby

Article # 4 – Qadiani Khalifa III story: Marriage of BABA and BABY Qadiani Khalifa III Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s son Mirza Luqman Ahmad had a LOVE AFFAIR with a young beautiful Qadiani Lady Dr. Tahira (she was student in Fatima Jinnah Medical college, Lahore, Pakistan). The detail of this affair can be read in a book: Qadianiyyat Aus Bazar Mein by Mateen Khalid. ——————————————————————————————— Mirza Nasir Ahmad was in his LATE SEVENTIES 70’s that one day he saw Dr. Tahira, who was in her EARLY TWENTIES (20’s). Mirza Nasir Ahmad had a CRUSH on her. So, he decided to marry …

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