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Murder of Fakhr ud Din Multani

Article # 7 : MURDER OF FAKHUR UD DIN MULTANI ————————————— MURDER OF FAKHUR UD DIN MULTANI (shaheed) ON THE ORDERS OF QADIANI KHALIFA II. MIRZA MAHMUD AHMAD. COMPLETE PROOFS EXPOSING EFFORTS TO HIDE PERVERSION, SHAMLESS SOCIAL BOYCOTT AND RUTHLESS MURDER   Fakhar Ud Din Multani was a true Ahmadi. He left his city and settled in Qadian for Promised Messiah. He was companion of Promised Messiah and owner of Ahmadiyya book store in Qadian. When Abdul Rehman Misri made serious allegations of perversion on Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and demanded their investigations, Fakhar Ud Multani looking at the genuine and …

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